For My Valentine

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Hello Everyone!
This is my first flash sub to Newgrounds. I hope it's okay... I was just really mucking around with different drawing styles and situations and ended up with a V-Day flash dedicated to my boyfriend. He's the blonde guy in the vid by the way. If anythings wrong tell me and I'll try to fix it... but otherwise, I hope you all enjoy it!

*EDIT* We broke up a few months later. Jerk.


Yea, and no. a mix really.

Valentines day isnt a day for me. however, despite my reluctance towards that day of love, i have to say youve outdone yourself for a flash movie, even if people say to you 'it wasnt good because it was all anime'. i mean this is your first flash you say? ive seen a lot of first flash movies and i must say yours is one of the top ten first flashes ive seen.

All in al, good job.

Wow!! Great stuff.

Well! I gotta say! That was pretty damn COOL! i thought it was really sweet and cute too. The animation was nice and smooth, the music was very appropriate and the whole pacing was done so amazingly! Great job! A great cartoon just in time for Valentines Day! Once again, bravo! :-)


"We broke up a few months later. Jerk." - best punchline for this flash.

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I agree with the last guy.

Unfortunately, despite your wish, my valentine's will be run-of-the-mill... depressing. But!

Your animation was excellent. I applaud it! And you didn't get laid after she saw that... lol nudge nudge wink wink say no more.

Bravo! One of the best first Flashes I've seen!

This is really good for your first Flash animation. If you keep going strong like this, you're bound to do well. You have skill. Keep it up.

Reminded me a bit of Joanime's work, but it was still unique. You got style.

I hope to see more Flash from you in the future. As I said, keep it up!


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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
5:33 AM EST
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