For My Valentine

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Hello Everyone!
This is my first flash sub to Newgrounds. I hope it's okay... I was just really mucking around with different drawing styles and situations and ended up with a V-Day flash dedicated to my boyfriend. He's the blonde guy in the vid by the way. If anythings wrong tell me and I'll try to fix it... but otherwise, I hope you all enjoy it!

*EDIT* We broke up a few months later. Jerk.


Really, i enjoyned it ^ ^

I really liked the animation =D
This is very interesting and fun ^ ^
In the same way... It's your first movie for the NG... And wow... Cool =D... For the first one, is a really good thing =D

I don't gave you a 10 for one reason - You can improve the animation =]
You can do better now... I know that is not easy to do these things but, you can do it \o\

Try to do new movies, and post here in the NG, I will be happy to see \o/

Anyway... Congratz ^ ^

== And I am sorry about your boyfriend... I don't think that he does the right thing x_X'... But well... If him don't knew how to understand what you done... You will find someone else ^ ^ ~ Good luck in your life \o\ ==

- Zero ~

Always good to C true love do its thing

Like da looks of your character. Da song...well can't help it if it's japanese right? It's all good tho'. Tight effort Saints!


started off good, then kinda got weird, but ended nicely. very nice.

The walk/run cycles....

...is where you went wrong. Just look at it and ask yourself, "Is that really what people look like when they run?" Make sure to have your characters have bent arms, working knees, etc. Most people forget the joints when they do run cycles and it makes their sturr look kinda stiff and wierd. Also, you seem to have an anime-ish type of style. You might feel like picking up an anime drawing guide book, and I wouldn't disagree with that. See what you can pick up in tips, perhaps another new style for you ^^. In the part with the punch, with the flairing thingy, you might consider using action lines instead (Lines either parrallel to each other, in the direction of the action, or going outward from the action point.). To be honest, though, it was a great animation, and great for upcomming V-day! I like your artwork, and hope to see more from you. Great work :D!!!

Good job

Graphics: All nicely drawn, except you might want to try working on the leg movement in the beginning of the flash, it was a bit too stiff.

Style: Nothing to say about it, except that it was really good. Keep it up!

Sound: The song fitted perfectly with the whole flash. No sound effects, but that's not necessary either =) Maybe even better like this.

Violence: Not much to say, since there wasn't much. A 3 because of the few fighting scenes in it. Not too much violence, not too less, just like it should be!

Interactivity: Obviously a 0, since it's a movie.

Humor: The flash produced a big smile on my face a few times, and that means something. good job! (I especially liked the part where the girl hit the "wolf")

overall: I really enjoyed watching this flash. It was a nice mix of humor and emotions. You added a bit of everything in the right proportions (violence, love, etc. etc., you get my point). A big applaus to you for your awesome first flash. *claps*

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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
5:33 AM EST
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