Cock Slapped

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This description is in mad lib form.

Good afternoon DILDOS. Today we bring you this new cartoon from PRESIDENT BUSH to make you HOT. It is both BROWN and LEATHERY. Your mom is EXPLOSIVE. I like RUNNING. OJ Simpson CONTEMPLATED his wife and got away with it


Haha! Excellent!

As the title presumes, I am very pleased to see such a movie on Newgrounds. Oh yeah.. Gregorex.. Or whatever your name is bub. I'm so sorry that you were too lazy to click the button to watch the movie.. So so sad... But back to the review. I was almost crying myself to tears with laughter! Ah yes. This is highly original, very, very, amusing, and a delight to please everyone... But the chicken coop. You get a 10... Out of 10. Nice job.

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Brilliantly hilarious

This was extremely tasteful, most other submissions just say "Cock" then let that be the joke. Great job sir!

Short and sweet humor

I really liked this. The customers "jerking reflex" to rooster's bawgawking was subtile humor. Great job.


This was a very lighthearted and enjoyable cartoon. It doesn't make me laugh out loud but I've watched it probably 10 times because it's so... quizzical. You got the glasses guy's eyebrow motions and all the timings exactly perfect. This is not the best joke I've seen, but it is the best delivery.

Quite Excellent

After looking at this movie and the majority of the reviews, I have to say that I am with that majority. This movie was quite hilarious and kept me laughing. I sat here in giggling anticipation of what would happen because there is a distinct feel of something bad looming ahead.

Looking a few pages back in the reviews, I notice there are some people that bash the entire video simply because they did not like the joke. Keep in mind, my dear Newgrounders, that there are many more elements to a movie than just its humor content (or lack thereof, if it's intended to be that way.) I notice many people give notoriously bad reviews in all aspects of the flash simply because it failed to make them laugh. Looking above, you can see under "Review Etiquette" that you are a.) supposed to give constructive criticism and b.) not act like a total asshole. I see that, on most accounts, those people have failed.

I think you did a great job with this. The animation was very smooth and it was well paced...slowly enough to build the story a tiny bit, but fast enough to keep our ADD NGers at bay. You did quite well, and I expect more of the same in the future.

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4.11 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
12:34 AM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Frontpaged February 13, 2006
  • Daily 4th Place February 11, 2006
  • Weekly 3rd Place February 15, 2006