Falling in Love

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This is a video of me getting all 100 good hearts.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the character. Think of the character as a plane banking (thanks OpusFreiling). For most of the time, you should be parallel to the ground (without banking more than 45 degrees). To get hearts that are surrounded by black ones, you should be perpendicular. The controls may be difficult to get used to but are needed to maneuver to certain hearts. Try to collect all 100 red hearts without hitting the black ones (it is possible, I did it). There are different outcomes depending on how you land, where you land, and how many hearts you have. Be sure to try different things out!

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Too hard, and buggy.

It has a good concept, and the gameplay is nice, but the controls are too hard, and it's improbable to collect all 100 hearts. (You may have done it, but you are the one who made the game after all, everyone can beat his/her own game easily.) I think you have to make it less challenging.

As for the bugs, yeah, I encountered some. When you go out of the scene, if you go left, you appear on the right side of the screen (I don't know if it's actually a bug but it doesn't make sense.), and I once suddenly popped up on the right side of the screen while I was on the left side at the end of the game where you fall near the girl. It sure is an original game, though.

Good game

Could use some music though.
Oh yeah, and controls work fine Tedjenkins, it's really easy, ya just gotta press down b4 you start turning like a plane, sez so in the instructions after all.


controls no longer work


The controls take a little to get used to. I scared her off 2 times LOL!! I got her disgusted once. I gave her butterflies once. & I impressed her once.

P.S: Getting too close to her isn't recommended

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3.07 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2006
11:22 PM EST
Skill - Collect