DoomKnee Deep in the Dead

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Inferno is out now! Go check it out :D

Well NG, I'm satisfied with my score and I think it's pretty high for this being my 1st flash.

Note: I put DoomKnee... because the entire title didn't fit :P
This is my first official flash. I did many other movies so I could get better to submit this! Hope you enjoy it! The original concept credits go to the Flaming Sheep Software, creators of "Classic Doom 3" (mod for Doom 3) though most of the events, I made up.



Well, it wasn't all that good, no offence

I hate sprite movies, unless they are done really well, and this one wasn't, The tweening when the dude shoots rockets is too slow, the fact that the sprites look like their floating when they are supposed to be running looks crap, the plot line look liek it was made up in a couple of minutes, which is confusing and irritating

I think your potential is alot higher and you got lazy, please try again cause i know you can do alot better than this, I hope to see more stuff from you in the future


Nice narrative

The narrative works well. Setting up the action with the narration works really well. The only real thing that sticks out to me are the non doom based backgrounds. The flat painted backgrounds, and the blood effects clash with the sprites alot. I would have liked to had seen the wall textures from doom. You could also do pixel effected blood fairly easily if you wanted to, since you know how to import sprites really well, it shouldn't be a problem.

Overall, I'd watch more, but it'd be nice if it were refined alittle so that it fits together seemlessly.

Not too bad..

I'm a fan of doom and remember old games, they were very nice. The sounds were good. But the rocket was too slow I think. The animation was not bad because of the sprites but sometimes it lagged and you should work more on the background. The scene that pinky demon swallowed the rocket was nice :) And "Abandon all hope ye who enter here" was from eternal doom, it was a great game, too. You should work on other episodes and improve your background, and I think it would get a higher score.

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks for the constructive comment :) I am planning on doing the other episodes soon and I will definitely make the changes suggested by you and other users. As for the inscription on hell's gate, it was from "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Aligieri, actually. From the book "Inferno" ;) but I never played eternal doom so I wouldn't know what to say...they probably took it off the book because it was written in the 1300's

Nothing too exciting... But also not too bad

Well when I read the title I thought that it would be a flash about the Book "Knee-deep in the dead" but its just a simple Doom movie.

The sprites you used weren´t bad at all. I liked the idea that the Imp is riding a pinky demon. But the backgrounds looked bad. If you can´t draw the backgrounds so good you should better use a sprite background.

The sound was okay - only the speaker was a bit hard to understand sometimes. All in all it isnt that bad but also nothing I would watch twice.

Kind of crappy

This flash really wasn't that good at all. The storyline didn't keep me watching it and the graphics didn't help at all. Next time try not to draw so much yourself, it just looks bad. And the sprite use wasn't that good either. The framerate was quite low and the sprites just weren't very dynamic. You used the same sprite for a rocket launcher and a shotgun and when the guy jumped his legs didn't even move. I know doom flashes are hard to do, but this still wasn't that good.

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3.41 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2006
12:28 AM EST