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Ltlt Ep1 Sperm of Justice

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Lorn, The Licentious Testicle Ep 1 “Sperm of Justice”

This is the first of my new super-hero flash series. It has taken me a long time to write the episodes, work on the voice-overs and design characters that I will enjoy working with.

This is an ADULT flash; so if you don’t like sex, vaginas and penises, don’t watch it.

Each episode will be short, this is because I don’t have lots of time to animate, I usually work 10-12 hours a day at my regular day job and add the hour commute it gives me little time else for my true passion… Keeping it short keeps my interest and as a hobbyist animator, I think you won’t be disappointed much.

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Average video, but to boner118: You sound exactly like someone who's never even seen a girl in real life, any real guy can tell you that anything drawn really well can be arousing, otherwise NO ONE WOULD FUCKING DRAW IT THAT WAY, Derp. Just because it's around doesn't mean someone is a virgin, or a geek or any of that, it just means their brains are more developed than yours - i.e. they're open minded. Now if they obsess over cartoon girls and have fantasies of being with that girl and care not for real women, then they have a problem, otherwise, it's fair game.

what the...

... no offence. but, that was a waste of my time.

emm the intro was nothin lke the episode

the intr was better


I have no idea what just happened!?!?
you only got no stars cuz i fount it to be a waste of time,sorry. :(

Pornographic Hilarity

I damn near died laughing at this...good job!

~votes 5~