X's Awakening

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***!!BOOBS!!!***This cartoon is something I worked on for almost 2 years (2003-2005/6*Voice acting delays*).
I started off this cartoon knowing nothing about how to use flash. I slowly self tought my self and I was working through the scenes faster everyday. And so there's no confusion anymore, I used basic elements from the storyline that was given in the MMX instruction booklet and made my own original storyline. I hope you enjoy this tribute to my favourite video game character.



This is good one of the best I've seen, and I've seen alot of X movies

This was very impressive!

They art of this Flash was really well done!! I think your two years of hard work paid off. I must say though I wish that the animation was better, but with art like that it would have proved to be difficult, especially with the tools that you have given to you. I will not blam on on that just because you are not an animation studio.
I however, was a little humored on the voice acting. I was a bit surprised to see that all the characters were played by different people. Sigma didn't sound threatening it all.(Then again the voices for Megaman X were never good to begin with.) It really wasn't accurate to the official story, but it pretty much summed up to the part of the First Megaman X, which was pretty cool. I just couldn't see how Dr. Cain created Sigma based off X when X was yet to be awakened. Nevertheless, great job, I hope you do more on this!


the graphics were good, the movie was boring as hell... sorry to say. The intro was so long I had to quit it =(

Decent, but you can do better.

Very nice artwork, but it needs more animation to it.
Some parts were very repetitious and the sound quality was bad, but pretty good for your first real flash.

Try harder

Well, i won't say it sucked but it was o.k. the intro took to long when u first Zero u can't hear him, violence counld have been better, graphics where o.k. So try harder next time. O.K.

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Feb 6, 2006
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