X's Awakening

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***!!BOOBS!!!***This cartoon is something I worked on for almost 2 years (2003-2005/6*Voice acting delays*).
I started off this cartoon knowing nothing about how to use flash. I slowly self tought my self and I was working through the scenes faster everyday. And so there's no confusion anymore, I used basic elements from the storyline that was given in the MMX instruction booklet and made my own original storyline. I hope you enjoy this tribute to my favourite video game character.


How did this get top five?

I'm not going to get on your case about the artwork. Mostly because I'm really ticked off that you screwed up alot of the story line. SPOILER ALERT: First of all, no reploids were created until after X came out of his capsel. The only exception was Zero because he was created by Dr. Wily to counteract X. Second, the capsel wasn't moved, Cain opened the capsel right there in the remains of Dr. Light's lab. Next, Zero had different armor. They changed it because his original armor (along with some pieces) was damaged heavily. That also comes along to the fact that the Sigma Virus was originally created by Dr. Wily and given to Zero. Sigma wasn't a commander, he was just the most repected maverick out there. That's why they named a virus and a breakfast cereal after him. And a bit about the animation itself? Sorry to be cruel but two years? You should practice more.

Wing00 responds:

I said in my description that this is my take on the story.

beautiful peice of work

ive been playing megaman games since i started playing games. its really great how they showed the beginning of x's life because after wards it goes onto X1 2 and 3. great job beautiful.


It was an ok flash but i could tell that alot of the artwork was copied and stolen. The action wasn't intense at all, just 2 guys stand still and take turs shooting. The voices for the bad guys and the way the people move were kind of lame. But i know how hard it must of taken you and i sympathise for you. And the guy before me was just being a complete asshole. He doesn't have the right to judge your family for anything, or at least put words in your moms mouth. He's and asshole, and you did ok. I guess it was good, but jsut not my style.

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it was boring and the animation was terrible same as the voice acting

Go fuck yourself.

You stole nearly every piece of art in this, and had next to no animation. The original art was so obviously your own werk that it pained me to look at it. What little animation you did put in was so horrifically bad that it made me cringe in ebarassment for you and the people involved, and also for your mother who had to give birth to such an uncreative twat. Good god, why didn't she abort you?

Wing00 responds:

First off I pitty that you have the time to make an account with my name in it just to insult me. Second X is the single hardest character to draw just perfect. And second you obviously didn't see most of it. I hope for the future you grow up and stop whining.

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Feb 6, 2006
11:09 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place February 7, 2006