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***!!BOOBS!!!***This cartoon is something I worked on for almost 2 years (2003-2005/6*Voice acting delays*).
I started off this cartoon knowing nothing about how to use flash. I slowly self tought my self and I was working through the scenes faster everyday. And so there's no confusion anymore, I used basic elements from the storyline that was given in the MMX instruction booklet and made my own original storyline. I hope you enjoy this tribute to my favourite video game character.


The best, No doubt

This is the best Megaman X Animation I've seen so far in sense of story, and Animation, I've been waiting to congratulate you for a while but you havn't been on MSN for a LONG time. Well you know who this is anyway, You did a great job and I have been waiting to see this for a long time and it's finally here, 5'd

There was a lot of effort.

I can tell there was a lot of time spent on it but I do have a few complaints. For the text you should of made it so you could press a button to continue to the next page so your not timed so people aren't waiting for it to finish or are hurried by it. Also it seemed very low paced so maybe a little more music in the background but very low. Also most of the voices were really low volume. One last thing, the voices seemed a little too, manotone.
There were a lot of good things though like the art work, the story is pretty good, and it was thought about really well. This was pretty good but is open for a lot of improvement. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more.

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Given artistic licence...

It's not bad...
graphics: Nice with the hand drawing, tracing, wtf ever. The only problem I saw was characters moving from point a to point b instantly...

style: again, artistic licence made it pretty neat... Not too much about his past has been done. Kinda nice change...

sound: quality of voices changed, and some of the sound clips seemed like they cut off too quickly.

interactivity: It's a god damned movie! you don't go to a movie and click buttons on the screen!

humor: non-existant from what I saw...

Overall: not bad... But compared to a lot out now, you should refine your style a little bit I'm not saying do a frame-by-frame, but the edges need to be sanded down just a bit. Not bad for a first full movie, especially being in the top five for a day.

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Concerning Ageman20XX review.

I usually don't tend to be a hardass but since you are being a whiney little punk I am gonna have to agree with Ageman20XX on 100% of what he said was true. You should shut up and learn to take some critism. Admit it, you traced, you used.. offical MegaMan X Capcom artwork. Just like people with sprites would do, the only difference is that you did a horrible job at it.

Don't expect you will get pity because it took you 2 years to do that. 2 years? YOu could of done better. Alot of reviews pointed out the fact the dialogue could of been worked out even better. And mind you.. 75% of the artwork was from Capcom that you traced. The other 25% was your animation/art skills and creativity *backgrounds*.

Face it.
-You need more practice
-You traced like a crazy demon *good at it too*
-Your voice dialogue needs improvement
-Your sounds quality sucks
-Animation needs to improve greatly! Motion tween only doesn't make a great flash that took 2 years!

Look at my movie and others . I took a long time and I learn flash myself also but man.. learn to use the program properly with more practice. Even then I haven't posted another movie due to I am still practicing more flash. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.. there is a reason for that quote.

You are a teenager still discovering the world.. so relax with the heat and learn to take some critism.

And my friend.. Age20XX could get you banned for saying that was your work when really it's all capcoms. No matter how much credit you gave. The only originality was your story and tracing skills.


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Wing00 responds:

Will both of you just STFU. For god sake I really don't care how much you don't like people who use official art. And no I cannot get banned unless I gave no credit, which I DID. Both of you just GET LIVES!!!

Dull Dull Dull

Very little animation. Leaves you staring at the screen, fading in and out due to the lifeless, monotone voice acting.
Hard to work out who is talking as most of the characters are facing away from the screen, or aren't moving their mouths.
The fight scenes are repetitive, with the Megaman and the Robots just stood taking turns to fire at each other.
However, some of the artwork was very nicely done. I played Megaman as a child and you've managed to capture him pretty well.
Spend more time on some actual animation not just the artwork.

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Feb 6, 2006
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