X's Awakening

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***!!BOOBS!!!***This cartoon is something I worked on for almost 2 years (2003-2005/6*Voice acting delays*).
I started off this cartoon knowing nothing about how to use flash. I slowly self tought my self and I was working through the scenes faster everyday. And so there's no confusion anymore, I used basic elements from the storyline that was given in the MMX instruction booklet and made my own original storyline. I hope you enjoy this tribute to my favourite video game character.


there were a few inconsistencies.

one inconsistency was that zero wasn't discovered until AFTER x became a maverick hunter. another was that none of the other reploids were created until AFTER x's activation. regardless, you did a good job of making this flash.

Great drawings for your first flash but...

All your characters had the same horrible voice actor for it. I'm also not getting why Dr. Cain's left eye was kinda verticle?

Your drawings didn't really move. I was just seeing a series of frozen flash scenes. For example, X just appeared at the teleporter, you didn't draw him walking to it.

Other than that, it was decent, but you do need to work on that voice over factor or your gonna bore your audience to death.

Well at least it was drawn well

The monotone voice acting simply killed what potential your animation had. Also you made a few story errors, one being that Sigma had already gone Maverick and started his war by the time X had been awakened

(but you already stated that this was supposed to be a original story so I wont complain much on that, just be aware that when you use so much of the original story as the basis people are going to complain when you deviate from the original plot.)

I wont both point out the animation errors since this was your first flash.

Look, I'm going to be blunt You need a lot of work

Hand drawn graphics are a good way to go, but best to use them as stills for key moments in the story line. Better to have detail in sprite based graphics, with decent movement and decent fighting that to have one of Cain's eyeballs blink sideways. Also, ask around newgrounds for other voice actors. Doing it all yourself NEVER comes out good. All that aside, It's good to see some original Rockman X flashes that aren't "X vs SONIC!! LOLOL!!111" on the portal. Also, since i think this is related, search for the Megaman X OVA on YouTube for the official Capcom movie of the events that happened right before Megaman X. And, as I say to any Rockman fan : Rock On!

Wing00 responds:

Thanks for your advice... Even though you don't have a cartoon posted so I don't know why I should even care about what you say. And BTW. Every character was played by someone else... Maybe watch the cartoon the whole way through next time. I've got a special thing for anyone who watches till the end long enough. Think of it as a tribute to CAPCOM.

one of the best flash i ecer saw!!!

To whoever did this you have some talent!! i'd like to see more no actualy a LOT more stuff because you seem very good with megaman ideass!!! You realy need to do much more! a word of advice : make something like the mm ne last beath series and bingo high srores and prizes await!! Good luck!! _mitch/computter22!!

Wing00 responds:

Thankyou for the positive comments. i will keep it up. I've also go the bloopers in the works BTW.

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