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Ass Jaws3: the REVENGE

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**** LEAVE REVIEWS! **** 8==>

Don't go in the toilet

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the bathroom.

Umm yeah ok anywho I did this on a really shitty computer, when my old computer died. Used a sticky ball mouse, and in a very confined space. I wasnt going to submit this, but they flagged Baby Basher Redux Special collectors anniversery edition boxed set, and I found this on my Ipod (Thought it was one of my horse fucking pornos) and decided to submit it. I know it isnt the best thing I ever made, but hey it isnt "hateful, child porn, or racist" as apparently is Baby Basher Redux...Thanks fellow Newgrounders...I got a wacom Tablet now, and a asskicking compter!

alternate title: Terror in the Toilet, Excuse for Gore, Assjaws5: son of assjaws.



needs more style and sound and stuff .....

MakoSucks responds:

Thanks for...umm the high numbers in the review...and stuff.

Definitely original

Real awesome job drawing the gore. The dropping poo was well synced with the music and seemed appropriate (if not a tad gross).

I thought it was a great for someone with limited flash, but I'd definitely like to see you put your artistic talents towards something with a bit more of a plot.

Good for just a random "i was bored" flash.

MakoSucks responds:

Thanks. Esspecially for the gore comment. I intend to finish something with an actual story one day, but That doesnt seem to be in the near future. Thanks for the review!

Wow, excellent.

From this moment forth, I'm going to poo on the floor. I bet the poor shark got tired of having to take all that shit.

MakoSucks responds:

Thanks! The Shark wasnt really angry, he was just hungry for ass.

Honest review.

Nice work with the art, I love the way you made some of the objects (turd). Sound is fitting but you should apply your talent to something more worth watching.

MakoSucks responds:

Yeah it was something I did while bored. I plan on making real flash movies, instead of this crap. Thanks for the honest, and nice review!


THAT WAS FUNNY AS SHIT!!! i thought the little kid was gonna die but then that guy got all fucked up

MakoSucks responds:

haha thanks!

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2.96 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2006
6:37 PM EST
Comedy - Original