Ass Jaws3: the REVENGE

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**** LEAVE REVIEWS! **** 8==>

Don't go in the toilet

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the bathroom.

Umm yeah ok anywho I did this on a really shitty computer, when my old computer died. Used a sticky ball mouse, and in a very confined space. I wasnt going to submit this, but they flagged Baby Basher Redux Special collectors anniversery edition boxed set, and I found this on my Ipod (Thought it was one of my horse fucking pornos) and decided to submit it. I know it isnt the best thing I ever made, but hey it isnt "hateful, child porn, or racist" as apparently is Baby Basher Redux...Thanks fellow Newgrounders...I got a wacom Tablet now, and a asskicking compter!

alternate title: Terror in the Toilet, Excuse for Gore, Assjaws5: son of assjaws.



in the best way possible... the shit was nasty... the dead body was nasty... the baby was creepy... I LIKE IT.... and did it say "emo sucks" on the wall in blood at the end? if it did... i agree. GOOD JOB!

MakoSucks responds:

Yes it does say emo sucks. I hate emo. If you pause it the shark leaves a messege for the kid. One more stupid joke in this movie. Thanks for the great review.


i like this man. trash style i dont know if its on purpose. it's called ass jaws3. you made others? Ima check it if so. i like the introduction the way you make the shit scary lol

MakoSucks responds:

It wasnt on purpose really. I just couldnt make the righ strokes using a shitty mouse, so i had to like make skinny lines, and then trace them with bolder lines. Anywho Nah only one assjaws, its just a random title, and like to make fun of jaws3, the movie. Its the music that made it scary...JAWS!


even with the crappy graphics, i liked this clip, was pretty funny and makes you look down the toilet next time you take a crap, but i would still like to see the baby/kid get eaten or blown up or something like that

MakoSucks responds:

Ha yeah I always thought twice about shitting in random toilets. Actually I only shit at home, i cant do it in public restrooms. The kid originally was going to have a bloody nose, and then have a second larger shark bite him, and then after like credits, the mom would come in and see this and she would shoot herself, but I couldnt finish the scene without the original flash document. Using this better computer, it would look to different than the original


i will never again, use my toilet. :P the graphics were very well drawn, especially the blood and bones and everything else gorey. the actions in the beggining were well synced with the music, and it was funny just by having a shark come out of a toilet at random. and what was that pink thing? i think i have a good idea but i just want to be sure. good job and keep it up!

MakoSucks responds:

ha thanks glad you liked it! Yeah the gore is my main thing. I dont really care about anything else. Oh and the pink thing is....shhh its a dildo...the guy shat it out...shhhhhh


omg i use to think a shark was going to eat my ass as a kid lol

very awesome

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MakoSucks responds:

haha just like in the Clerks cartoon series.

Theres water in the toilet, Sharks swim in water, I rest my case.

Sharks swin in salt water.

I have salt water in my toilet.

oh god

ha anyways glad you liked it thanks for the positive review

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2.96 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2006
6:37 PM EST
Comedy - Original