Ass Jaws3: the REVENGE

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**** LEAVE REVIEWS! **** 8==>

Don't go in the toilet

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the bathroom.

Umm yeah ok anywho I did this on a really shitty computer, when my old computer died. Used a sticky ball mouse, and in a very confined space. I wasnt going to submit this, but they flagged Baby Basher Redux Special collectors anniversery edition boxed set, and I found this on my Ipod (Thought it was one of my horse fucking pornos) and decided to submit it. I know it isnt the best thing I ever made, but hey it isnt "hateful, child porn, or racist" as apparently is Baby Basher Redux...Thanks fellow Newgrounders...I got a wacom Tablet now, and a asskicking compter!

alternate title: Terror in the Toilet, Excuse for Gore, Assjaws5: son of assjaws.



After watching this movie, i think ill be taking a dump in a box from now on because i sure as hell aint gonna be eaten by a shark!

MakoSucks responds:

Well you should just take a dump in a bag, light it on fire, than drop it off on someones doorstep. Well anywho Thanks for the review, esspecially the violence at ten. Thanks!


you sick mother fucker!

MakoSucks responds:

HFS? oooo ok. That one took me a while. haha. Holy Fucking Shit? haha glad ya liked it, and thanks for the review!

it wasn't half as good as baby basher lol

you've got some skill with that "horror, oh my god thats just fucking fowl, give the kittys nightmares till there 18 shit" if you could get out of the "comic" style, and maybe use like 3d, and do say yousomething that SPLATERS!!! you know like when some one gets shot in the head and there brains go all over the wall behind them,
just think how fucken nasty it whould be in 3d!! (ahhhh boyyy!)

(on a side note about the the people that keep taking offens to your work, they say your disturbed, and need help, well i guess those who made aliens, hellraisor, star ship troopers, etc. they all need help to and theres were made too look real. whos wors them or you. anyway i've been up since yesterday and now its today and ive read over 80 reviews of people flipping a shit about what you've made, thats gotta make you feal proud. keep it up dude!

MakoSucks responds:

ha thanks for the support and review! Blah 3d crap blah...I dont enjoy that stuff too much, its too simple, as far as animation goes. keyframes, and tweens.

Yeah I actually like those people who talk shit about my shit. It makes me laugh when people get pissed off by my work. half of the enjoyment i get out of animating is pissing people off. the other half is people actually likeing. The other other half? Pussy. Loads of pussy...god im alone... Anywho thanks for the review!


LOLZ, this was a funny idea. If you get better with FLASH and editing the animation, then make it longer with more of a story, it could be a winner! A+ for kids!!!

MakoSucks responds:

Yeah it wasnt "edited" to the best of my ability, but I transfered it from a broke down computer, and I couldnt draw anything in the same shitty blochy style anymore since i had a way better mouse..G5. Oh and a wacom tablet! but anywho i couldnt exactly get the same stlye out so i just edited it slightly, and yep there it is.

Im glad you liked it, and it made ya laugh. Thanks for the review and high numbers!

hell yeah I fived

that was awesome! improve graphics and you'll be the shit!

MakoSucks responds:

Thanks, yeah most of the drawings were shitty, because I suck at drawing, and also I used a shitty mouse too so yeah it was like shit and it getting stepped on. Yeah anyways thanks for the five!

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2.96 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2006
6:37 PM EST
Comedy - Original