Phil the Demon

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Meet phil, he is a demon from Hell, thats right, HELL!!

Its the pilot of what could turn to be a long running serie, so make coments about what should be added or improved


has promise

i tell ya i like it, it could have promise the only thing i that i noticed was Phil's mouth was kinda outa sink and didnt really fit the rest of the animation. But i think you did a great job and it has great potential i think so i better see more >:)


I like it =)
Keep up the good work!

Hell is so happy place

K, that was fun flash. I really liked it but I didnt like how other voices than speaking was so loud. When that thunder of whaterver sriket it did hear really loud. Stil flash was fun and I hope I will see this Phil in few years...

Not terrible

Fix the sound though. Sometimes Phil's speech would be nigh on impossible to hear because of the background noises.

Thats no demon

Ok first of all, that wasnt a demon you stinking liar brat, nah i wont hold that against you its not your fault that you probably ben filled with lies and such.
Back to the topic it was a pretey good movie but improvements could be made.
For example, the sound tended to make screaming noises and i dont mean the screams that where suposed to be there, it was more like blablabla bla blablaskrrrrrbla
The graphics was pretey good but could improve.
Need more clever jokes though, many jokes was easy to get eaven before they where showed.

Overall kinda good but could be improved.

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3.53 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2006
5:58 PM EST
Comedy - Original