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Phil the Demon

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Meet phil, he is a demon from Hell, thats right, HELL!!

Its the pilot of what could turn to be a long running serie, so make coments about what should be added or improved


Lol nice

Sweet. This is really funny. Make more!

That was a sweet devil

ok i not saying real devils are but that was funny not as god a Balthazaar tales but very good effort please make more!

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Decent idea, execution needs work.

My first immediate thought was that this was going to be a Foamy Rant-rip off. It kind of felt like you bookmarked it in the same structure as those damn NY's cartoons.

Animation was decent, but the guy screaming got to be obnoxious.

Writing needs work too. I'm all for cursing, but it should be used to eccentuate something instead of just being in there for the sake of just being a curse word. ("If you're a naughty bitch...") A lot of what the demon said felt kind of forced.

Shows potential, just needs to be polished.

Missing something

The idea behind it is ok, but the execution is poor. The animation is ok but nothing special. It feels like you were trying so hard to be funny that you ended up being boring and stupid. If u turn it into a series i hope u find a sense of humor first. Hell and it's minions can be a ton of laughs if done the right way.


maN i do not know for certain but i know one thing especially since i am stond you probABLY not going to be abnle to figure it out after seeing this sweet crazy what the hell i cfan't remember for a message it was trying to send or something of the sort it was still great work n Effort put into it to say the lest. Do you actually think God Exists? Gave yA 5. bRAAAH~``

God made pot.
man made beer.
who do you trust. -quote from some guy off a starcraft profile yo'

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3.53 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2006
5:58 PM EST
Comedy - Original