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I hope the height doesnt bug you. Sorry!

Well, a tutorial I made for no apparent purpose, and i submit it on my alt. :)

Care to leave a review? I always answer to all of em. :)


no entendi...
pero me gustaron tus edificios!!!
suerte men!!
esfuerzate mas!!!
remi despidiendose..
yo tambien soy novato xDDD

I really liked

I really liked how much effort you put into this, Although these other dolts are saying other wise, this is really good.


This didn't help me. In fact you made a mistake in the 2point perspective :D
The problem - the graphics weren't too good (could've been a lot better), the music ... i didn't like it. And you didn't teach anything. You didn't even explain anything.

Again with the crappy subscriptions

At least have proper grammer and vocabulary. You write like a 9 year old waiting to cry for a lollipop. Try harder next time or don't try to make any more please. Have mercy, my eyes are going to bleed. Try harder next time....k?

Bleiz responds:

um ok.

Really good stuff is on my real account, Darkfire_Blaze. I said it, this is an alt for crappy stuff.

And i write like this because im spanish, period. Oh, one last thing, how dare you say i have bad "grammer" i think you, mr non spanish person, should have a better grammAr than me.

Not a good tutorial

I'm sorry, but your tutorial is just not going to make anyone better draftsmen. Not only is the information delivered half-heartedly by going to fast and not telling in advance what you're trying to do. What you show is both sloppy and wrong. For instance, I'm assuming the last figure was a building with a rectangular roof with the two parallell sides in line with the horizon. For that you _DON'T_ do two point perspective, two point perspective would be used if for instance you put a cube not aligned to the horizon. And even if you intend the roof to be trapezoid, you should at least try to draw the 'H' in perspective as well.

I suggest you try to develop your own skills before you try to teach others.

The one in sound is the damn looping sound mistake every flash newbie seems to be making.

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Bleiz responds:

well, trust me. I TRIED to make the H in perspective, but everytime i tried to save, flash kept crashing on me. Sorry about that.

And about the sound loop, hey, im NOT a n00b. Ive been making flash for a year now, and have good flashes on my sleeves. Im JUST submitting this on my alt account. :)

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2.30 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2006
5:58 PM EST
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