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Balloon Agendas

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Edit: Woah, Front page and Daily 2nd. Thanks guys and dolls. Much <3 k

Balloons aren't as fun as they seem y'know...

I started this movie after watching TheWax's, SonicRockMySocks' and Wonchop's balloon movies all in a row. Admittly, I took the concept a bit too far but I'm like that so what ya gonna do? Anyways, I hope you enjoy the movie =)



Wow, I haven't seen a good flash like that in a while! At first I thought "His voice is going to be squeaky, ha ha ha" but then he talks like strawberry clock or something and starts to summon a million balloons to take over the city! I loved the part at the end where Captain America got 0wn3d by a balloon!!! ROFL! I never liked him anyway! 10/10. Very well done, keep up the good work!

I want your children!

Another great flash.


that was pretty damn nice make a sequal good songs to



Captain America Died ha ha ha . also,great voice and animation!

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Nice Job :D

hee hee i always knew ballons were EVIL.... dont trust them i tell you. the animation was well good and i liked the charachters voices and the exellent music when the ballon hordes rose up and attacked....

Oh and the the highly patriotic American before me... erm Captain America is so the gayest superhero.. apart from maybe superman... nah captain america is gayer. He SO got maled by that balloon.... but anyway enough of that... its meant to be FUNNY :p and the Ballons are meant to be UNSTOPPABLE EVIL so they cant exactly get their asses kicked by a gay superhero.

anyway ill give this a 5 out of 5... and even add it to my favourites :D.

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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2006
2:41 PM EST
Comedy - Original