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Fine holiday fun.

Why do you waste your time making unimpressive flashes just to mass vote them and see them pass. What's the purpose? Who cares if a talentless hack can make a flash pass every day? What does this prove? Nothing at all. The whole idea of these different crews/legions/bunch's is completely meaningless and no one really cares when they have a flash pass. For some reason, however, the authors find it satisfying to have them pass even though they get no recognition from anyone other than the ones who collaborate with them. So you guys are part of a self-gratifying cult. Congratulations. If only you would put so much effort into your real everyday lives, then maybe someone would care about you or what you have in store for the world.

Coffee-lock responds:

For the record, this wasn't mass voted to pass. Also this wasn't created to prove anything. I just think the word Cunt is wicked.
It's also funny reading angry reviews.


I don't understand the purpose of having a politically incorrect word warped as something of entertainment value. I am only giving you a 3 as a score because the background imagery meshed somewhat well with the word, which in all reality looked like a interesting design. The short music loop sounded good. Of course, I think that you can do a better job than this. Please work on something more constructive in the future.


Damn fine

Excellent work. I've come to expect badass shit from you, coffee. Oddly enough, that Devil was quite lovely...

Anyway, once again, good animation, good art, and it had Strawberry Clock in it so of course that makes me able to fifen it despite it being a Lock movie.

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Coffee-lock responds:



that was actually a good piece of animation, but that song was just nuts. those lyrics sound like a devil worshipper wrote them. not taking anything away from your flash though, it was great

Tis fine

A good looking piece, with good sound, and a nice style to it. However, I think the warning on it needs to be stepped up a bit. The current warning doesn't prepare a viewer for the potential disturbing imagery, especially younger viewers.


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2.11 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2006
12:40 AM EST