Art Institute w. Arnold S

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For a project at my school, The Art Institute of NYC, we had to make a invitation to the portfolio show. I just thought I'd put it on newgrounds, hope you enjoy it!


Art Institute Submition

I was just wondering if you were in the Animation course or another ?

FranchiseCartoons responds:

The is not an animation course at this ai, i am in the Multi-Meida course., thanx for watching.


i love arnold! and this flash! it was increadibly halarious and the voice actor was actually very good (unlike most) although i live near Phili. i might actually come up to see this show just to meet u guys! i just love all the lil tidbits that made every spood on the majors so funny...like when he was on "Muscles . com" or how he just tossed the table b/c he didnt understand graphic design. verrrrrry nice and veeeeerrry funny!

EIEGH! (arnold scream)

Ooh, another AI stupedent...

I go to Pittsburgh, Culinary Management program. AI = bonus points, gave ya a 4 :3.

lol graphic design....

I was wondering, did you make arnolds vioce?

FranchiseCartoons responds:

no i did not do the voice myself, i ahve to give the credit to my friend justin enes., glad u enjoyed it, thanx for the review.


it would be alot better if it didnt make this squeking noise that annoyed me

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Feb 1, 2006
6:40 PM EST
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