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The Rotting

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Author Comments

It's been a while since I finished off the last 'Silent Film'.
And, this is the last one. Number two.
This time, the melodramatic villain uses his patented 2D/4D sword to ensue revenge. Afterwards, he builds a machine to destroy the world with Gangrene.

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Love it, probably the best one of your animations so far. The dull grey style looks great and the graphics are all nice and simple. The plot is unique as well, I can't find any flaws at all, keep up the good work!



That was brilliant!



Oh, wait... I was thinking about paint drying. This was crap! Excellently drawn and animated but what the hell happened? A gangreene machine? Why, what, who, how, when? This was a great showcase of your tallents, now how about making a movie?

5SS-PsychoWiLL responds:

That was a silent movie. I'm making another right now!

You're getting better.

You've been gradually improving and I commend you for that. The drawings are better than before and so is the style. You definitely managed to pull off old timey.

The only trouble I have with it is that it feels somewhat anticlimactic compared to the first Silent Film, which was meant to be wacky. This is a neat animation and all--definitely one of your better ones, but compared to episode 1 it wasn't very funny. I think you should go for 3.

All in all you put in a good effort, so you get hats off and all that stuff... TIME TRAVELLER :{

5SS-PsychoWiLL responds:

Ahh! Thanks Misteroo!
I will make a third, I guess, the big problem will be coming up with a good storyline. I do like the evil villain, as a character, and eventually the series will evolve into colour (not him of course) and sound. But, as every 'original' animated series runs into, unoriginal ideas. Stale ideas. Anyway I'll ask around what people want to see in the 3rd. Right now I'm thinkin' clip show. But, I bet that'll be unpopular.

That was good

Oh isn`t there anyone who can save us from this hellish gangrene machine? Where is our hero? We call u whoever you are to aid us in this desperate hour...
Heh, very nice flash. Cool character designs and great concept. I really hope to see another episode, if u got any planed. Take care and good luck ;)

5SS-PsychoWiLL responds:

Thanks! This really didn't take as long as I had predicted, and the characters are based on a story that I think I will eventually popularize.

Gigpop - are you daft?

It even says in the authors comments section "This is the second and last of my 'Silent Films'"...hello. I think (know!) you have completely missed the humour of this film - the oldtime melodramas were in B&W and usually had a dark mustachioed eveil villian in them. The Rotting is a pisstake on that genre of film. Using voices in a silent movie melodrama parody is like making apple pie with apricots - IT ISN'T APPLE PIE!


On with the review.

Really well done, cannot fault it. I commend you on the correct grammar and spelling, so many animators ruin on otherwise great Flash by having spelling and grammar mistakes. The French was a great inclusion!

I loved this...really good work, great animation and drawing, funny, offbeat...and original. Loved the Gangrene Machine with its gramaphone horns on either side.

Great stuff - no way do you need to team up with anyone else. 5/5.

5SS-PsychoWiLL responds:

Thanks for the positive review!

Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2006
7:50 PM EST

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