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The Island: Stranded

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Stranded on an island after a storm, can you survive the traps set?
***Cheats below***
The controls are very simple, you move around by the using the edges of the screen, or when a place you can go is shown by the cursor changing to a hand.items collected can not be seen, but when the timw comes, can be used.

This is my 2nd game submited to NewGrounds. Enjoy!

-get wood on beach
-get matches to right of path in woods
-go back and left to tower
-go up tower and get explosives
-back down and around to cliff and use wood to get accross
-blow open entrance (just click on it)
-enter, and go left at 4-way
-turn off power
-click next to computer in the same room and get code (on the paper)
-go back out and to left
-turn on generator and use elevator
-get pull-string off of table to right
-go back down, out of lower room and use the front passage
-go forward to reach boat
-use string and ride into the distance

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Confusing and frustrating

I even followed the walkthrough and still died coming right out of the tower. You pretty much have to guess which place to click to interact with the environment. It's confusing to navigate, and just needs a lot of work.

I walk out of the tower

trip over a rock and explode! WTF?!


A great game! The concept is original, the gameplay is simple and theres a lot of thinking involved in it too. Not much scripting required to make this,but it turned out real interesting anyhow. Keep up the good work!



Is there an actual way to win this? Plus, don't see what the use of the items are if there is no menu to use it with. I thought you use the plank to walk across the gap.

Seems like there is no way to go on unless you somehow use items. The arm made me laugh.

Put direction arrows? Most peopl would not know where to go w/e tab...


I didn't really understand this. Almost everywhere you go you die somehow. What is the point of this?

Credits & Info

2.54 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2006
7:16 PM EST