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S.M.F.I.O War 1

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This is the first out of 2. I splits them becaus this one is already 5meg.

I'm sorry if i miss spelled something. I'm dutch and my english isnt so good. (grammatical)

Turn up your volume for MAX. entertainment. i promise there are no scream thingies in or so.

Watch out for War 2.

We are in a world filled with stickmen. When A group of rebel soldiers in the mountain grows. The USM (United StickMen) is getting frightent and they start a war on the rebels, what the USM doesnt know is that the rebels grow even more then the USM knows.

Obviously they made a mistake and the rebels are getting strong. on the end of the war USM is losing. they need to do something. they call in the help of an old prisonner. responsible for the massacre of 23 years ago.

He excepts the mission and gets it a bit personal.

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Good work!

Nice stick battle, the story isn't bad either, but the stickmen are so tiny (I watched it on 1024*768)!

The sound was great.

Looking forward for part 2.

Keep up the good work! Stickmen rule!

0blivi0us responds:

yeah, i hear that a lot. but i am drawing them bigger in the next episode.

and more hand to hand combat!