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Squirrel Escape

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this is an arcade game from the well known 'Squirrel Family'. Move around using arrow keys, collect gems and keys to open doors. Avoid dreadful enemies in this 30-level classic paltform game.

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Lot's of bugs, some can be fatal to progress like if you respawn in laser all the time.

The score is pretty much inconsequential as is taking damage from non-lethal attacks.

The enemies are not dreadful at all.

Alien-like contraptions were the most interesting part in later levels.

Great game!

I have no idea why this game does not have more views and a higher score. It is extremely innovative and uses a style unlike what you have seen before! It just seemed like you were coming up with so many different ways to jump from platform to platform and get the keys. The whole design is cute, despite the electricution and stuff. There could have been a little music, but it has such a classical feeling to it, you really don't care. It was funny because the stuff he collected and the environments really had nothing to do with him being a squirrel.


I always love your games. They're so... how you say... addicting... This game isn't as addicting as your poin n' click games but it's still good. It just needs something.

transmating to scale of random

watermelon out of pie

Horse Apple

Pretty Fun and addictive and seems like it will never end