Pokemon EX

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need aloooong time to make this i hope lot of people like it...!!!!


nice work

im glad to see that you put time and effort into this flash you are very talented and i hope to see other flash in the future just something other then poke mon

Sound could have been improved...

Although im not a real fan of pokemon this was suprisingly very good! well done, although the sound just didnt seem to tie in very well.. and this looks more like an intro rather than a movie.. will there be more? i may consider checking it out if there is..


You are very talented, awesome animation, just please find a better subject to apply your skills too, cmon, your animation skills appear to be awesome, you can do better than pokemon... Find something better to anmate, or better yet create your own, and you will probably get some top scores on the portal. Just remember Pokemon sucks...

I hate Pokemon, but this is a 10, no doubt

When I first saw the name "Pokemon" in the portal, I was tempted to just load and blam it, but after I saw the quality of this work, I heard something kinda go thump. I think it took me about 3 seconds to realize that this noise was my jaw hitting the floor. The drawing was so good and smooth that I believe I shat myself while watching.


Well as for NG rating, this movie stands high to every other movie in a radius of 100 feet. The graphics are very nicely indeed drawn and the whole concept is just a marvel. If those new pokemons are real can you please reply me the source where you found them IF you made em up yourself, more kudos to you because they look like ready for shifting to japanese television. What really bugs me as a pokemon fan is that Torchic evolved into Blaziken (that's like his final evolution WTF) but see this movie get big and getting to collection or two.

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4.15 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2006
2:34 AM EST

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