Pokemon EX

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need aloooong time to make this i hope lot of people like it...!!!!


expected a game from that!

¬_¬ i thought i was going to live again my pokemon days in a flash game >_< youre bad man! I was searching the skip intro button to start playing.

well i liked it, those invented ones where cool. And the scenes of the intro where cool too with that showdown stile we like in tv animations

O_O look for a script and then do the game, its an order! :P

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Wow that was incredible. You should seriously submit that to Game Freaks and try and get a job there.

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Well i think you have a really good style your drawings are really great and your animation too, i ust think the storyboard isn't so good and if it's a preview so you should say so because it really look like a preview for a future series. But keep doing great animations because you are really great at that.

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I loved it!

I dont care what those wiggers who voted low on this think, I thought this was cool. I see you made up pokemon of your own and yet, there quite impressive. I even liked your idea of a pokedex, but they could use some improvement. I even liked the music you picked out, because I love music from Megaman 8 (I also listen to videogame music cause they are really cool.) By the way, how would you like to join my club? It's here in the clubs & crews on the BBS, its called "Tanooki John's Pro-Pokemon club" you should check it out. I will tell my club members about your flash movie as well. Any pro-Pokemon flash is always welcomed by us.

Good animation but....

I loved the style and whatnot but there really was no story.
I agree with the last guy that you shouldn't waste your talent on pokemon.

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4.15 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2006
2:34 AM EST

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