The KH Chronicles 1.2.

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EDIT: Wow, i didn't get as many reviews as the first 1... oh well, anyways we just finished my forum and now the website, you can view the forum from the site at http://aronet.i8.com, please enjoy and join the forum!
The long awaited sequel of The KH Chronicles 1.1. is out and done. We said it would come out in january and it did. It probobly wouldve been out sooner to, exept there were major computer problems.
Anyways we now find Sora and Obi-Wan on a strange planet, known only as Traverse Town.
For the last movie we got many great reviews, thanks and keep it up!
Also if you havent seen the first KH Chronicles you probobly should watch it, it may explain some things for those who havent played Kingdom Hearts.



I'm glad that you can now understand donalld(-:
i realy like the loading thing how it has sora with the sighn and stuff.please make more KH stuff 4 i am a huge fan.

oscar meyers has its way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a

hilarious! This one was good because you can see he wasnt trying to make a front page flash, but one rhat was what he thought was funny and as it turns out, its funny as hell. So all you bastards that seek instant fame and wants to instantly be on the front page you need to follow in aros footsteps because it probably wont ever happen. But on the other hand sora sang the oscar meyer thene song. 'Nuff said

Kingdom Hearts rocks

I have everything you can possibly think about Kingdom Hearts. I can make real metal full sized Keyblade. I'ts not really that difficult. (for me anyways) Video is great and now I'm gonna watch the 3rd one.


That was awesome!
Oh, and there's something that's bothering me....
At the beginning, when Sora holds up the button that says 'Click on account of Sora', why does he eat our brains? T_T
I like my brains.


so damn funny all of the way, how long is it?

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Jan 30, 2006
8:49 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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