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Author Comments

I hope you will enjoy it
I took a whole month to do it
will you be able to find the jewel in the tower ?
good luck


Awesome and cool

IF ur stuck use bone in switch

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1.click around on the skeletons bones in the room that you first start in.
2.After getting the bone go the the next room.
3.drag the bone onto the broken part of the ladder.
3.click the ladder to the next room.
4.go through the Right (->) stairway and go as high as you can.
5.you should be in a room with 2 doors next to the windows. then click the doors to shut off light from both windows.
6.a secret area appears grab the potion. then grab the sword.
7.click that button under the items you collect. you should get like a magnafining glass. use it and click the potion and grab the cork then use it again on the sword and grab the yellow gem.
8.go back to the room that has the chain and bucket in the room.this time go to the left room.
9.you will go all the way up to a room with 3 torches. you can grab the middle one so grab that.
10.goto the right room and you will go down to a room with a chest. use the sword on the chain holding the chandelier and cut it.
11.it will crash down (thats good) click the red cloth and you will find a gear.
12.now go back to were you first started. use the torch on the hay and burn it.
13.wait 2-3 secs and you will find a chain piece grab it and good back to the room with the giant wheel.
14.place the chain piece were the snapped one is then grab the potion and pour it in the center that looks rusted.
15.go back down and were the ladder is and pull the chain.
16.the bucket will then go up. grab the bucket and go to were you made the fire from the chandelier.
17.place the bucket on the fire and put it out. grab the key and open the locked door.
18.go in the room and up the stairs.place that yellow gem in the left slot on the alter.
19.go up the stairs to the top of the tower and click around you will see sumtin that looks like a piece of trash if not thats why i said click everywere becuase its kinda hard to see.
20.once you got it get the magnafier glass out and look at it click it and it will reveal a shovel head.
21.go all the way back down to the dungen then grab the bone that you placed on the ladder and go to the right.
22.you will be in a room that has an area barred up. put the bone in the spot that looks like a lever was meant to be there. then place the shovel head by those gears that you can see.
23.now with the gear you found place it in there then click the bone.
24.go down the area that was barred up and you will find a leaking pipe. put the cork on the pipe to stop the dripping.
25.go back up then go back down and the puddle should be gone revealing another gem.grab it.
26.go back to were you put the yellow gem in and place the red one in the other hole.
27.wait a couple of seconds a guy should appear he wants to play R-P-S with you.
28.beat him to get a key. go back to the room with the chest and open it.
29.you get the jewel.

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"A logical game"

I thought this game was quite well-done. I gave it a 10 because there was no violence I enjoyed the problem-solving aspects that required some creativity and logic. I thought the sound effects and graphics were good -- the images were clear, the scenes were simple but not overly plain. I enjoyed the humorous way a challenge was overcome. Well-done!
I like non-violent movies/games, 'cos there's no fun in violence - only sadness in it.

Best point and click adventure ever.

For those who are stuck I will list all the items
Gem (yellow)
Gem (red)
Chain Piece
Key (1)
Key (2)
Potion (full)
Potion (empty)

If you havent found all of them then you havent won.
Also the gems go in this pattern yellow, red on the alter.


I liked it, a little difficult a times.

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Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2006
9:06 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click