The Napoleonic Retreat

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The game is about french war, where you play as Francois , a french soldier.
Pretty complicated game so you better first go to "Training"

there is a small prob with the loader ...it does not load full...so u better wait a bit more after its done :P :)


I didn't understand it at all.

I couldn't find what the controls we're besides walk and jump and it was pretty choppy when i did play,try putting a "controls" section on there so at least i know the button to attack is.

Artistofthewar responds:

eh... as i said this is a complicated game, go to the training first

Good game... but unplayable

In my opinion, this game had everything in its grasp to become a good game. It had graphics, it had the music, the sound, and the innovative shooting system. Yet because of the insanely slow walking pace on the player, it becomes completely unplayable.
Therefore the very low score. If the slowness was fixed, the game WOULD be playable, and WOULD be a sure 8 in my book,

Not bad, but....

Graphics: These were not bad. The drawings looked very good. The special effects and animation were also nice. It was too bad that you couldn´t see the bullets of the enemy soldiers, so it was hard to tell whether you were gonna get shot or not. That all seemed to be a matter of luck by the way. Sometimes when I was still reloading and the enemy shooted I was dead and sometimes I wasn´t.

Sounds/Music: Very good choice of music. It suits this game very well. The sounds were also excellent. The French accent of the guy who tells you what to do was pretty funny.

Interactivity: A cool looking menuscreen with plenty of options. I liked that. What I especially liked were the small pictures that appeared next to the text when you moused over them. It isn´t really that important, but I´ve rarely seen that before. As for the controls, they weren´t that diffecult. It´s a little bit annoying that you have to hold R before you can shoot though. Also, your character moves way too slow, please make him walk a little bit quicker. That was probably the worst thing of this game.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. I would´ve given it higher if the game went a little bit faster. You barely got any chance to shoot back at your enemies, cause they could fire much faster then you. Once you do get the chance, sometimes you kill 2 and sometimes none at all. The soldier also walked too slow as I said above. I couldn´t get past the first chapter at first, so I was a little bit annoyed cause I had to walk the same areas over and over again. All the other things were good, so just try to improve those things and it should be an awesome game. Keep it up.


this is an awesome game. very nice and fun to play. the character is a bit too slow. that s really the only thing i see wrong with this. but you should do this for other battles too. good job and keep it up.


unbelievable!!! too bad napoleon went into russia in the winter.... i think you maybe should have focused more on his campaigns in spain and the germanic states... nevertheless, this was an amazingly fresh game. AMAZING job. well done...

what a breath of fresh air.

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3.49 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2006
8:23 AM EST
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