Dan Vs Larry the Game

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Hey, i was looking around deleting stuff on my pc and came across this, i meade about a year ago and thought, why not submit it. so i did. some of the animation is pretty shoddy but some bits are ok. I thought it was wuite good. enjoy. By the way I didn't come up with the idea to combine stick figures with real life. I nicked the idea off my friend leo.


great game!

man, i love this styled "choose-the-way" games. :)

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the cheat doesnt work and great game

the cheat you posted wont work with me
i tried it alot

and the game was great

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On a whole, this flash was good. Sure ; the animation was a bit poor, but that was the only thing I find brought the score down the most. Oh, and the fact that once you die, you have to watch the whole beginning again. I havn't completed it yet, because i don't have the time (My Name is Earl is coming on) but from what i played of it, it was rather funny. I made the mistake of doing star-jumps >.<

Anyway, if you were to do another one of these, with better animation, it will definetly get a high score from me.

Graphics: 6 - Animation was a letdown
Style: 9 - I like the idea of this, its not original, but its still nice
Sound: 8 - Music in the background, and nice use of sound effects
Violence: 9 - Well, you're fighting
Interactivity: 10 - No need to mention anything here =D
Humour: 10 - Starjumps? lol

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Wow, this was seriously fun!

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this could probably be the funniest flash since the numa numa dance, it was well thought out and well choreographed

danyboy1 responds:

wow thanks

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2.33 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2006
6:31 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click