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Jan 28, 2006 | 3:21 PM EST

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Author Comments

This is not meant to be extremely accurate, but from MY point of view, so please don't critizise the accuracy of the film as I've gotten too many complaints about the historical accuracy of the cartoon.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was ok

Wargod, that was an american sniper, not german
yeah, there were no planes
o.o work on machineguns
nice springfield
um... retreat in a civilian car?
um.. d-day, retreat AT ALL?? we killed all them bastards!

Good flash, it shows the point of the movie, but yeah, work on your figures.

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OwnageTank, your wrong. Marines were first see back in the Revoltionary War, smart ass. But, there were no marines in D-Day anyways. You tried though. The men looked kinda...... weird. Also, even though you tried, there were no planes that took part in the D-Day invasion. Also, (sorry if i keep saying "also" too muhc :P) the Germans used Kar98s, not the Springfield M1903. Could've worked more on the "machine guns."


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ok good attempt

Alright dude not to be mean or anything. but its very very inacurate the marines wern't even around back then. but anyhow i never did make flash before I would love to learn but the main thing is you tried so i guess is alright then take more time toimprove the art and other things, they didn't come in pontoons they came in higgens boats


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i agree with the other guy

not the best but i liked it make some about the canadians or the others also that grenade couldnt blow a whole bunker to fricking hell


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Um....A few Comments:

Here are a few comments so you can Improve:

1. Landing Crafts are Gray not Green and the first batch of soldiers that came out were completly slaughtered.

2. D-Day was not only accomplished by the 'USA' and not by the US Marines. The British, USA, Canadians, and some Australians were on the beaches that day. And contrary to popular belief, the Canadians did the best job because they blew through the sea wall and advanced 15 km/ day away from the beach and into Normandy and France.

3. The Germans had MG42 and theirs werent greyish cylinders. They had to stop and reload every 2-3 mins or so while yours dont stop shooting until they are killed.

4. The way you killed the Germans was horrible. First of all , a grenade couldnt be thrown that acuratly and that high and the soldier poping his head or hand out to throw it would have been massacred by the 'Constant' MG42 Fire. Second of all they couldnt use bombers to destroy the Bunkers because of the Giant German Blimps in the Air that were blocking the skies to prevent the allies from using planes. Obviously you did not include them as well.

5. The Graphics were horrible, the Weapons used and Characters were very innacurate and there was no story.

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