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Sith Confrontation Again- Jedi Elite Team Trailer-

Edited:Dun miss the goodies after the credits. The Main Movie will be here soon in May!!!

This is the trailer of the remake of my old movie, Sith Confrontation. This trailer is not those typical trailers you've seen, as it only features less than 10 secs of the movie scenes. if u wan to watch the original work, its in my profile.

ANyway, Its same story, same characters, same ideas. But with better graphics & animation this time. The story is about a scene of ROTS where the 4 jedi went arresting Dark lord Palpatine.

The sound is a little poor, im trying to fix it.
i did the characters page in a hurry, so if anyone spotted any mistakes pls point out to me.



Ster Werz!

Yeah, I've always been a fan of Mace Windu. Why? He's not only Shaft, "Mr. Glass", and other crazy people, but he's got 'mother f-ing snakes, on a mother f-ing plane!'. And Kit Fisto has always been my fav non-humanoid Jedi (meaning SAVE HIM! DON'T LET HIM DIE!).

Kit = Alive!

Yeah.... Loved the flash, nice Samual L Jackson impression by the person who did that... that was great.... and I vote for Kit making it out... I mean from the expended Universe we see that Obi Wan actualy considers Kit a rival to his own style with a lightsaber and there is the fact that Fisto is on the Jedi Councel....... Lucas just didnt want anyone besides Windu in the fight I think......

Oh oh oh! here's an idea, Windu vs Sidious and Fisto vs Skywalker.... Imagine..... lol, that might be awesome. Anyway, nice flash, maybe for the movie you could have a bit better quality recordings of the voices. good luck man..

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Xennethy responds:

ah, yes... Im currently changing the scripts to make it more 'exciting'. From the number of votes, it seemed kit will make it this time, but who knows? Whether he'll survive this time, u'll hav to wait till the final movie is released. :)

10 because its star wars

But its great! Plus I would like to see a number of endings:
Everyone surviving
Palpatine getting pwned

And so many more

You sir, are a flash god!

Xennethy responds:

Thanks, im glad you liked it. The ending you hope for most probably wont happen. But anyway, i can guarantee the ending will be different from the movie.


well yeah it was preety neat.the biggest reason i liked it because it looked like a south park type thing.I can't wait till it cames out.

ps:let kit live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xennethy responds:

Oh man... everyone is saying it looks like South park.. does it?? haha, im not a southpark fan myself actually...
but anyway, glad u like it.


What Happened!!!??? P.s It's So Bad It's funny

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