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We worked hard on this ok
five this and fav me ok



Well that was random. The graphics could use a little more detail and shading, the movie scould use ome background scenery and it would be nice with better audio compression too. Keep workin on this!



This 'insane randomness' is unfunny crap. All you ppl who said it was good are idiots who don't know good humour if it came up and bit them in the face. this looks like something that was ressurected from the graveyard. or the authors got their sad freinds to vote five for them so it wouldn't get blammed. Stealing good music to put in a flash like that is dumb. This isn't worth watching and it isn't worth anything. I'm actually sorry I even bothered to write this review.

lol jesus ham

I love the insane randomness in the GG's collabs. Anyone who dosen't understand that they are just made to get laughs should have the stick forcibly removed from their anus.

The GG <3's you. Why don't you understand that?

Peppa responds:

Actually the GG hates all of you

k. not bad.

love the music, the flash isn't the greatest, but why should someone else judge something based on what they alone feel about it, aye? i liked it, and i've read alot about it being blammed, well... i'll vote 5 on this. it's just too kool to be blammed. hate me for being sympathetic to the devil, but, uh, i believe that things should have a just chance of survival, even if only 5 people like it(not that only 5 people like this)...

to Dr.Pepper: it's good, it's a great use of available resources, especially in this small of a flash space.
to Koma: great... ooh, flashy. and what's that peice of music? i'd like to know that...
to Oil: again, what's that music there? it's the primary reason i liked your part so much.
to Stoopid: JESUS AS A HAM? rofl. not even MC Hammer can touch that...

to all: good work on the collab. even tho you guys get alot of criticism over some of the stuff you guys work on, i hope you all keep even things like this coming. it's both kool and funny.


This is probably the best GG Collab I've ever seen.
First of all, the menu song. WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?
"Workin' for the raging river, moving faster, something something"
Now: The Reviews!
Dr. Pepper---So Epic, So True.
Koma---They is teh stars. Love the song.
Oil---O. M. F. G. Grrrrreat piece of flash, great song.
Stoopid---M. C. HAMmer. Mmm, ham.

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1.39 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2006
5:55 AM EST
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