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**Thanks for front page! Daily 2nd! wow! Thanks everyone!!
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Play as Cupid in this addicting action packed game. Stop the demons from destroying Valentine's Day while collecting hearts and to hourglasses keep your score and time up!

Programmed by True_Darkness
Artwork by Buzzwerd-



Well, it would seem that most of the reviews i've looked at were really just outright flames towards you and the fact that they'd rather be playing a shooting game with blood, zombie, and so on. SO, i've decided to give you a review that will try to lack any attacks directly at you, your mother, or the "prissy" (as someone else called it) mood of the game.

As far as Valentine's Day games on NG goes, this is definately a good one. I did have a few problems with it mainly with the simplicity and lack of well fleshed out gameplay. Most games of this variety tend to have more in the way of dodging and things that can potentially harm you... this game has a few devils flying about that are easily avoidable and everything else in the game is pretty much meant to be bumped it. The game is incredibly short (about 45 seconds sound right?) with slim to no replayability and the music is flat out annoying.
But... For a Valentine's Day Game, and in comparison to other V-Day Games on NG, this is a decent submission. Just not so good when compared to much of the other things you find here.


quite dumb. no offense. jus tt im in a bad mood todae.hahas

Wow you get a detailed reveiw from me

what a blessing, so live and learn. live and learn. First of all there is no hook in this game that draws your players in for a great game. At my first look i was like blah this is for lames. Second, the action is not intense so my first cirtical is....
ACTION: 1.2-5
In addition the colision detection is pitaful. I mean how hard is it to trace a .2mm outline of your baddies? Second your advancing gameplay is seriously lacking...seriously WHY SHOULD I PLAY ANY FARTHER, if i woulda bought this a gamestop THE VERY NEXT DAY I WOULD TRADE THIS OUT. I had more fun playing celeberty deathmatch for the xbox and that game sucked. So second critical is
GAMEPLAY: 2.2-5 (I Can tell when hard work is put in but seriously get some more skiil man)
And finaly my last critical is enjoyment. Now I played this game for awhile and my experience was moderate. I didn't blam it but if this game had a whole team to make it l337 I STILL WOULDN'T EVEN RENT IT FROM BLOCKBUSERIPOFF. But some talent was expessed and i can expect a decent sequal so i give it a
Lookup action script techniques man.


I agree with Bomtoons. It was little boring but good. Still, daily 2nd place? Oh shit!

TrueDarkness responds:

It had a 3.98 last night...

middle ground

Pretty good coding, the graphics and animations could have had some more effort, needs power ups, more levels, more variety in enemies. The time element was a nice touch though.

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3.48 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2006
8:51 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight