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Baka? What's that? That's what Sparkl' and friends are. Dance with them as this opening reveals the good guys and the generic bad guys, and when main characters walk a path remembering something, and where they show off their powers...like most anime openings contain.



its funny i mean very funny

Rule responds:

Being Baka is funny.

Good um, clip.

Nice clip, the song and animation was good.

Rule responds:

Er, thanks. I'll be making more soon, I guess.


cool sorta music video thing i don't get or comprehend wut prompted it but it was really cool great work ps please don't be afraid to hit me back or to check out my audio peace syntrus out (0_0)

Rule responds:

The whole Idea was to make it as stupid, and cool as can be, because that'll be the whole idea of the show.

Nice. Look forward to watching the full version.

Somebody finally did a music video on Ulful's Baka Survivor (aka 2nd bo-bobo theme). I may do wild challenger...

Rule responds:

good luck on wild challenger. Not sure, but it's just that I can't make a decent flash with that song..

To all the critics out there

He's already explained that the real version will be better, so don't assume it's gonna suck because it had a crappy intro. Also, the song is from Bo-Bobo, and to those who say this is nothing like Bo-Bobo, I agree, it's not like Bo-Bobo, but the final project is supposed to be like Bo-Bobo. Read the review responces and the summary before you criticize.

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Rule responds:

Well said. Thanks.

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Jan 27, 2006
2:44 PM EST
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