eskimo bob 26

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yeah! it's finally here!
and it's done... oh yes indeed.
a lot of work was put into this, so enjoy!


Wow, I had no idea this would be so long. I think that might have been what stopped me from giving this a 9. It's probably the best episodes I've seen. I liked the used of "Transformers" imagery. It got pretty creative. "Dragonball Z" is always great for reference too.

The voices are pretty good. I like the idea of a lot of villains working together. I'm not familiar with the series. I haven't seen most of the other episodes. I like the girlfriend character.

The long tiring series of Eskimo Bob!

But great reviews must be written! The Guinen family sure get along well in the precess of this movie! There is too much to say about this! The best part was with the Yeti and Bob fighting for the fish that was in the spaceship!

The Bros. Have Done It Again!

Another Guinian classic with Eskimo Bob 26!
Graphics - 9/10 Reason for this is because it's pretty much the basics again. However, because you added new anime., I felt that it deserved the 9.
Sound - 10/10 Reason is everything is crisp and clear. As long as I can understand what I hear, it deserves a perfect score in my opinion.
Interactivity - 4/10 I was somewhat disappointed with this part because even though most of the time the only interactivity in these movies is click something to start the movie and re-start it at the end, there was only one at the beginning.
Style - 10/10 A VERY original movie! Maybe other people can come up with different concepts like you guys have. I thank you for this!
Violence - 6/10 No big deal. Eskimo Bob is a great movie without much of this.
Humor - 9/10 Eskimo Bob, in my opinion, can be enjoyed by everybody who sees it because of its humor and inside jokes.
For your hard work, I thank you and congratulate you, the Guinian Bros., and please keep up the good work!

toma responds:

actually if you click bob at the end it does restart the movie, i just didn't add any text to let anybody know... ^_^


bob is mabey one of the best flash seires i seen. If you dont like Bob you can just fucking go to hell bitch!

Eskimo Bob For Life!

This movie's the shiznatch. Possibly the best Transformers spoof ever. But then again Toma, I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know...

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3.81 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2001
1:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature August 25, 2001