eskimo bob 26

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yeah! it's finally here!
and it's done... oh yes indeed.
a lot of work was put into this, so enjoy!


ohh my fucking gosh

that was so frigin cool they really out did them selves this time this rock !!!!!!

The Best Bobever!!!!!

This is the best Eskimo Bob ever... I watch them all as they come to new grounds... And they've always been funny this one tops the charts.... Eskimo Bob ROCKS!!

James "Cheetah" La Bella

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Astonishing work! This is the ULTIMATE culmination of the past 25 EB episodes. It's like you built up the whole series just for this episode! Definetly on my top-ten list.

First off, You included pratically every running gag and character from the previous episodes, and then some. I love, LOVE that fish in a spaceship. Secondly, it's extremely clever and random, from the singing aliens to the bizarre fusions. Third, the storyline is compelling and amusing. Fourth, the innumerable references to various popular animatoin shows like DBZ, Transformers, and Sailor Moon are well-recieved. Fifth, the grahpics are leagues beyond your previous efforts. Sixth, the original songs and remixes of Eskimo Bob are great! And seventh, it's LONG! Good gravy, is it long! I love it; it's like all the other EB episode put together.

Once again, great, great job. I'll be honest: I hated Eskimo Bob at first sight. I think most do. But now, after sitting through 26 episodes, I've warmed up to this frosty little eskimo. Bravo! Let's bring on Episode 27!

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long very long

yeah! it's finally here!
and it's done... oh yes indeed.
a lot of work was put into this, so enjoy!

the funniest was the transformer rip off

luvin da eskimo

the best eskimo bob ep eva i am a big fan its da best thing since sliced bread it should be on tv

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3.81 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2001
1:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature August 25, 2001