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Strawberry - Orange Clock

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Strawberry Clock Sucks Orange Clocks ass.
Note: I will not submit anymore of these.



O.k. uhh... I not really sure what to say about this one, but one thing I know is that the flash its self was REALLY poor (just those clock movies it was talking about) and on top of it I think you were trying to save the clock crew!?!?! I couldn't tell.

Graphics: 0(all it did was float around the same words)

Style: 0(same as graphics)

Sound: 0(it was that computor voice)

Violence: 0(there were none)

Interactivity: 0(it was a movie)

Humor: 0(I couldn't understand it)

Overall: 0(just look at why I gave all of the others 0s)

do it again!

that was SO funny!

Not that good, but it IS kinda funny...

I agree with many others that this flash could've been better. After all, if you're going to make fun of the "Not-so-king-of-the-Portal", Strawberry_Clock himself, you should animate more! Still it does deliver a good message when it says that Strawberry_Clock is not King of the Portal and Tom Fulp is because it's so very true! However, I didn't really like anything else about this because some of the sentences being said loop over and over again , which is kind of annoying. This could've actually worked well for the anti-clock section, had it contained a bit more, but there's just not as much too it. So I give you a 1 overall, but a 5 for some of the humor.


There's only 2 good strawberry clock movies, and about a 100 other sucky ones, so that's... 500% suckyness, so he does suck, and so did this movie, but a nice collection of insults...


your more than lucky that u get a 1 from me

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2.40 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2001
11:29 PM EDT