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Metal Boxes

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Jan 25, 2006 | 10:43 PM EST

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Author Comments

Yeah so this is my first flash ever. It's for Animation class to experimenting with Music. So the drawing is supposed to be sketchy and I rushed this project since she only gave us two weeks to work on it. (with the lack of time in class we had). Anywho. Enjoy :)

I didn't add color for two reasons...
1. Project was rushed (so i couldn't shade as i wanted to :(
2. MY Productions is called "Monochromotion" (which actually I might change later because I'm not sure if I wanna stick with it :S Is that okie?

Edit:: Yea The flash is pretty short. So a preloader is really not needed i dun think :S



Rated 5 / 5 stars

that was good

i like your drawing style very artistic

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Love the music.

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Me likey.

Hello again, I felt like coming back to support more of your work. Anywho, it's a nice little music video-ish thing. Little hard to follow, from what I get it's about a little robot dude that dreams that he got thrown away or something. In any case, it has a nice style, and the sketchiness works better for this one than for your other work. I'd still like to see something cleaned up from you though. And as a final note, Bot reminded me a lot of one of those Moogles from the Final Fantasy series. With the little ball and everything.

Keep it up.


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ur 1st flash?

it's really good to be your first flash. and while rushed.
But i watched it like 6 times to get it .
it goes too fast
but is the robot a he or a she. in 1 of ur responses u called him
he, but he looks more like a she to me wearin that ribbon.
u could make a sekuel and make it like a story where the robot
has a problem or something. the story is what make the karakter

Roobi responds:

Bot is a guy. the ribbon is supposed to stand for individuality. I knoe the animation was pretty fast, i didn't get the time concempt then but now i kida do. thanks for the comment tho :)I might do another flash with my bot in it.


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Very nice.

That was really cool! I think this calls for a sequal! A sequal with talking! Yeah! You can do it! w00t! XD