Aqua Life Episode #4

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*EDIT - Thank you everyone for your support! Frontpage!! AWSOME! Thank you Newgrounds!*

It's been a long year, after the last episode I decided to completely re-tool the artwork and that took a serious amount of time... along with trying to deal with the new job which already takes up a big chunk of my life. But enough about me.

This episode is a little shorter than the last one but continues on into episode #5 (to be released soon), I did away with the "Fish-Bits" as it's kinda hard to watch and get the pop-up info at the same time. I've now included a Director's commentary which is more of a comic relief section.

Hope you guys enjoy!


loving it all to pieces

I watched this then went back and watched all of the ones previously. Wow! You are an amzing animator and also great with the sounds and everything. Wow.

Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next one.

It just all fits well together!

shampawnya responds:

Thanks man! Episode #5 will be out in the next month or so.


This animation is brilliant and its absolutely hilarious.
I loved this epesode i laughed like hell in some places.

shampawnya responds:

Thank you for your support!

Job well done

I really liked this animation. It made me laugh out loud in places and the voices were done very well. Great job.

shampawnya responds:

Thanks for the review man!

pretty good

the movie was pretty good.....it started off a little lame with that whole tale and beer speech but it got better as it progressed.. the fishing part was frigin hilarious...overall it was fairly good, room for improvement but still pretty damn funny

shampawnya responds:

Thanks dude.

It's missing something

Overall, this was decent. I see why it would win awards, but I didn't really feel compelled to laugh, chuckle or anything. It felt the same thing over and over again like other flashes. Pretty conventional.

Graphics: Well done. Overall flow and lack of choppiness in graphics. Very smooth. Transitioning pretty good. Went well with the overall design of the flash.

Style: It was ok. Many flashes hit the one-liners too much. Could this have been better suited as situational comedy. Most definitely. I like the uniqueness though of using fish as minors and alcohol. Oh, I so want a cold one right now.

Sound: Excellent. One of the very simplized and clear audible flashes. Well done.

Humor: As said earlier, it didn't really make me laugh. Others will like this, but this cried out for some situation. I got a bunch of one-liners. May be combining one liners and situation could do you well. It just doesn't become lighthearted after a while; it seems kinda dimwitted.

shampawnya responds:

Thank you for the indepth review. It's true that it is missing something, which is why I've recruited an extra writter (who I pay with beer and smokes). Unfortunatly I only got him when I was already 95% complete... and the "Dolphin Safe" stamp was an afterthought. Hopefully the two of us will come up with a little more dynamic story, because I am aware that it may fall flat on some people. But thank you for the support on everything else!

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4.06 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2006
9:45 AM EST
Comedy - Original