HH - Assassination Pt. 1

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This movie is very dear to me. The credits were rushed. But other then that I worked very hard.

<3 Trash and the Legion, <3 Clockcrew and Pineapple. And I have to <3 HippieHangout.net and Limon.


(title in work)

Well it promises what the title says. One assassination and another is about to happen in the next episode. This seemed a little bit rushed to me. You should have had some speakonia in here, reading text is a bit boring. Could have definitely been longer, but I will still watch the next episode.

nhias i fucking hate you &gt;:-(

lol that is the exact opposite of how i feel. that was awesome man. you rock nhias! <3 o ya cant wait for your...i mean our next movie ;-)

<3 Shadowking Lock

This is like, part 0.5.

I know you're probably impatient, you work FBF so I know you put more work into it than you had to. You need sound effects, and a part where the boss says something like "stop him" in order to know that that's the person he's trying to assasinate.

Good animation, as always. Your graphics were a bit undetailed, you need a frame around the door and such, trim would be nice too. I suggest combining the next part and this part, and calling it part 1.

SnowballLock responds:

My flash screwed up on me at the part where his hand presses the button. Something quadrupled how many layers I had, and erased things like hippie signs off certain parts. I cant explain it, but to salvage the movie I had to cut the part where log is sitting at his desk and says "death awaits you"
:'( next part will be better.

Nothing new

Good grapics and animation but it's too short so i think this will not get on NG.

SnowballLock responds:

Thankyou, yeah it was short because of the power outage but I'm happy to at least get this far. :'(

Great Job...

With all your rude Comments to People, I hope you get blamed... no, wait.. you will get blamed. This project blows... What was the point? Was there a story to this? No. Quit being a sore sport about your flash blowing and take the criticism...

SnowballLock responds:

I'm sorry but this project isnt pointless. I'm sorry for being rude. But it says clearly "part 1" there is a plot, It just hasnt been revealed yet.

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2.48 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2006
2:09 AM EST
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