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The Ricky Ray Show! Ep. 3

rated 3.79 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Jan 24, 2006 | 2:17 PM EST

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

this was pretty funny

this was ok i mean it could have been much better and showed better animation and lots and lots of boobs but it was ok


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Being critical Here

I have to say its poor, the fact so many people are stressing you ripped off family guy illustrates the lack of creativity put into the story. I too personally dislike this story, I myself I'm a Christian and i want to state the 'wow bible is great despite the inaccuracies' was unfunny and bland. OF COURSE WE KNOW MOST IS INACCURATE! All stories are an exaggeration of a fact so don't produce some cheap smart ass statement without considering that little thing called 'exaggeration' its all about proverbs for a reason. And why would Christianity slant Buddhism why? Its hardly comic just a bland witless tongue in cheek comment. In reality Christianity admires Buddhism. I don't mind mockery of faith IF THERE WAS SOME FORM OF IRONIC TRUTH/WIT IN IT but yours has none.

The animation is fine, I liked ray's rolling of his eyes sarcastically which went smoothly but your other characters, are they doing much? Do they add anything at all? The Asian chick is there as the typical boob humour, you did that at the last one but I would LIKE to see more out of these characters and would ray really be trance over another guy's wife who is clearly a lot less attractive then the Asian girl? It would had been better if ray said something more to his personality 'Pff gee lady your guy must had been desperate to marry you for just them!' And already that comment was a lot better then the dialogue he’s been uttering.

Speaking on the breast size I checked your site and Salivia the drawing of her all I can say is your just a guy who draws up eye candy girls, put in the breasts but know zip of how the size of those breasts will affect her mobility physically. I can guarantee you your character will be more tired out then you'll make her to be. It’s not cool its being ignorant and unbelievable in character making which begs if you can do a personality at all.

After watching this I don't think you are able to produce a story, none of the lines were funny, your idea borders on plagiarism given how many have compared it to family guy and your other characters do jack all. As much as I like the Asian chick, can you make her do something a bit more then cheap sex roles. *such as the lesbian in gods name do two women kissing and making it out turn you on I can't see how it didn't look sexy on the thing it sure doesn’t convince the viewer. At least the Asian girl isn't a martial artist at least that's one stereotype you haven't done but if your story had no sex in then she would be useless as let's face it that’s the only reason she's in and those scenes are poor, real poor. Oh and who was that ginger hair guy with ray? Again who was he because he contributed nothing at all. Your story is a MESS.

So before you make another movie or comic THINK on what your going to put in as they are not good or funny. Want to know a good comic? Try VG cats, there a million years ahead of you in quality and humour then you are. I’m tired of the cheap sex jokes and there is no real entertaining story whatsoever and just try, REALLY try *And I mean it* to stretch out the roles of your characters as its nothing new and just dull because none of your characters can do jack all! If this the best you can do then you are going to need to have a long rethink because plagiarism and crude sex jokes are hardly creditable signs of a genius.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

loved it

i had many good laughs out of this. nicely done. keep the series going, i want to see more!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


... yup, entertaining, like in the way I am able to sit through Trading Spaces when my g/f is watching it in the same room I'm occupying. Yeah...


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i read the comics and i wached the movie

how much movies are you going to make