The Ricky Ray Show! Ep. 3

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Don't forget to read the comics and thank you for watching.



Hooboy, that was great! I love your work.

Anyway, since you have a girl, how does she feel about that? :S
Or she's not jelous of something drawed?..

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Hey man, that was hilarous. and that guy who was babbling about penny arcade or some shit is an ass, and you showed him.

P.S. Do you really have a hot asian girlfriend who likes to give you blowjobs?

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Ray2K responds:

No, I have a white one... but she dosn't have to read this if you know what I mean.

Not my sort of humor...

I don't care much for the humor in this. It seemed like the entire thing tried too hard and other parts (such as the wife undressing) were easy to see coming. Plus, a lot of the Christian jokes have been made hundreds of times before. Yes, we all know Christians' beliefs deny all reason and history.....ha..........ha............. Another thing: punchlines (like the time Ray was the Pope) were poorly delivered.

A personal pet peeve of mine was how annoying the guy's voice was. It didn't effect your score and I know why it sounded the way it did, but it just really got under my skin. Thought I'd just throw that out there for you to call me a bitch, lol.

Um, overall, the graphics were okay, but the tweeing was only par. I know, I know, not meant to have incredible graphics. Doesn't mean you should'nt try.

Overall your attempts were only sub-par, which ranks a 4/10 in my book. I don't hold anything against what you did, like some of these other psycho reviewers <_<, Jesus Christ.... but I just plain don't think it was funny.

Ray2K responds:

Sorry you didn't like the animation but thanks for giving a logical reason behind it.

Don't know...

Well, it looks like you tried to do more with this flash than the others, but I personally like the first 2 more. I thought that they were a little more funny. I hope to see the next one, and hope that you can work on some of the drawings... sorry, but the tongues from the lesbian makeout seen were pretty sad in my eyes.

I'm am pretty much disappointed...

I loved the first two episodes, found them to be quite funny and entertaining. But this, it is like you waited till the last minute and through something together, tryign to impress someone. The grafics got worse, the humor pretty much died, the animation wasn't that good, and it looked like you just drew basic pictures and moved them around a lot with tweens or something. I would expect more from an animation like yourself, looking your past animations. I really hope you get your shit together, and atleast TRY to make it look like you gave it some sorce of effort. Good luck man.

Ray2K responds:

...What the hell is wrong with you? Have you even seen the first two? THEY WERE 12 FRAMES PER SECOND YOU FOOL! ...and thanks for watching.

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3.79 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2006
2:17 PM EST
Comedy - Original