The Ricky Ray Show! Ep. 3

January 24, 2006 –
November 4, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Don't forget to read the comics and thank you for watching.


What a coincidence. I was just looking up a religious debate. Then again, I look up stuff on religion all the time. You'd think that him having sex with a woman there would make him more promiscuous. I guess he got what he wanted. This might seem kind of strange to complain about, but I'm turned off by stiff nipples.

Seriously, does she put starch in those things? That can't be healthy. At least he became nicer. This wasn't great, but it was mostly funny. I can recommend that.


Series was unfunny back then. its still unfunny today sigh

I agree, christians are very annoying pricks.

First get the blow job LOL!

Active very funny!!

Back out of a blowjob?

I doubt the Pope could do that >:/

xDD What a fruit!

I swear! All your vids ALWAYS have me pissing myself laughing! :D I can't wait to see more! ^^

we need more ricky ray

more ricky ray!!

Nice job

The only problem I have with the series is the lack of sound Efx.


amazing loved it all the way i was bored at first you know going to anger management *sigh* then all of a sudden....i like jesus too HAHA :P and the rest was just awsome lol

Again with the Lesbians!

Ricky, you really have to think of a new plot. The whole lesbo thing was good when you released Lesboformers, but now... Its OOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDDD!!!
Good flash drawings though...
Try and reduce the size of their titties next time eh!




The last segment on there took me TOTALLY unaware lol. nice one, Ricky.


the end "ok will somebody get her the **** out of my APT.?!" hahahahaha!!!!!!

"uh is thayour cell phone?"

that part was awsome great stuff man


Agagin, GOOD JOB Bub.

eh its ok

why was the christian preist wearing a catholic preist uniform, oh well seems ok, very poorly done accent for uni. Not that it doesn't sound real its just offensive.

this was pretty funny

this was ok i mean it could have been much better and showed better animation and lots and lots of boobs but it was ok

Being critical Here

I have to say its poor, the fact so many people are stressing you ripped off family guy illustrates the lack of creativity put into the story. I too personally dislike this story, I myself I'm a Christian and i want to state the 'wow bible is great despite the inaccuracies' was unfunny and bland. OF COURSE WE KNOW MOST IS INACCURATE! All stories are an exaggeration of a fact so don't produce some cheap smart ass statement without considering that little thing called 'exaggeration' its all about proverbs for a reason. And why would Christianity slant Buddhism why? Its hardly comic just a bland witless tongue in cheek comment. In reality Christianity admires Buddhism. I don't mind mockery of faith IF THERE WAS SOME FORM OF IRONIC TRUTH/WIT IN IT but yours has none.

The animation is fine, I liked ray's rolling of his eyes sarcastically which went smoothly but your other characters, are they doing much? Do they add anything at all? The Asian chick is there as the typical boob humour, you did that at the last one but I would LIKE to see more out of these characters and would ray really be trance over another guy's wife who is clearly a lot less attractive then the Asian girl? It would had been better if ray said something more to his personality 'Pff gee lady your guy must had been desperate to marry you for just them!' And already that comment was a lot better then the dialogue he’s been uttering.

Speaking on the breast size I checked your site and Salivia the drawing of her all I can say is your just a guy who draws up eye candy girls, put in the breasts but know zip of how the size of those breasts will affect her mobility physically. I can guarantee you your character will be more tired out then you'll make her to be. It’s not cool its being ignorant and unbelievable in character making which begs if you can do a personality at all.

After watching this I don't think you are able to produce a story, none of the lines were funny, your idea borders on plagiarism given how many have compared it to family guy and your other characters do jack all. As much as I like the Asian chick, can you make her do something a bit more then cheap sex roles. *such as the lesbian act...how in gods name do two women kissing and making it out turn you on I can't see how it didn't look sexy on the thing it sure doesn’t convince the viewer. At least the Asian girl isn't a martial artist at least that's one stereotype you haven't done but if your story had no sex in then she would be useless as let's face it that’s the only reason she's in and those scenes are poor, real poor. Oh and who was that ginger hair guy with ray? Again who was he because he contributed nothing at all. Your story is a MESS.

So before you make another movie or comic THINK on what your going to put in as they are not good or funny. Want to know a good comic? Try VG cats, there a million years ahead of you in quality and humour then you are. I’m tired of the cheap sex jokes and there is no real entertaining story whatsoever and just try, REALLY try *And I mean it* to stretch out the roles of your characters as its nothing new and just dull because none of your characters can do jack all! If this the best you can do then you are going to need to have a long rethink because plagiarism and crude sex jokes are hardly creditable signs of a genius.

loved it

i had many good laughs out of this. nicely done. keep the series going, i want to see more!


... yup, entertaining, like in the way I am able to sit through Trading Spaces when my g/f is watching it in the same room I'm occupying. Yeah...

i read the comics and i wached the movie

how much movies are you going to make

Good stuff.

Dude, don't steal Family guy jokes.

...other than that, awesome!

Damn Good Shit

Yeah dude this was the best movie ever on NG. good damn job

I love it!

Man, I love this shit!

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yea fuck that old bitch

that clip was cool

pretty cool

the flash left a little to be desired, but overall, the animations were pretty good, and the story line was funny as hell.

That was ...pretty good.

I haven't seen the other episodes of this series, but already i can tell it's gonna be funny as hell. Hey ricky ray, thanks for making my day bro.


Hahaha... *sigh* I didn't laugh this hard since I seen retarded animal babies.. and anyone that thinks less than the best of this film should eat shit and die! GREAT JOB *GO DARWIN*

Oh yay...A cartoon with family guy flash backs!

Like other people said, the flash back part of him being pope was obviously an idea that came to you while watching family guy. Picking on christians was an attempt at being edgey, which ended up being suffercated. I'm not sure if you were trying to make the character cool, or whatever. But in the end he was just a little punk that could easily get his ass kicked, but if you were going for that, good job. (Not sarcasm) Well put together flash, but the dialogue needs work.

that really was not funny at all.....NO!!!!

that sucked anyone who enjoyed that sux!!!!!
the graphics were very lazy and slow
it wasnt very stylish either.....it was gay
the sound wasnt very good either and the voices were untimed with the movement of their mouths
there was no violence
...and worst of all it wasnt funny!!!!!

hehehehehe...... funny

ive only seen the latest 2 chapters, but i can tell itsa great series.

cant wait for the ext one!


Good job that was awesome lol hopeing to see alot more of you:)

I Love this show

Ok I have never even herd of this before last nite but when I saw this episode i was hooked Ricky Ray keep it up man.

Ricky Ray STILL blows bullwinkle cock

Still very overly used subject matter, slow pace, boring plot. And, Ricky Ray is still an irritating little whiny bitch that any woman would happily beat to death just to stop him from his own stupid voice and make him forgot his incredibley tiny penis. He is so fucking annoying to listen to. He could at least have a non bitch ass voice. God he's stupid. Why not give a funny, interesting, quality character their own flash?

Good one

I liked this movie but you forgot to add mild nudity since it did show the church guy's wife naked. but other then that was another great eposide of the ricky ray show.

it blows

good character design.good art.animation needs work.you need some basics ...like head bob and accent up on the characters... little squash + stretch wouldn't hurt neither.

almost perfect.

needed some REAL nudity man......


That was seriously funny, man! "i am soooo getting a blowjob out of this" awesome! :D Also, well voiced old woman :) keep up the good work!


It was funny but what the hell was that about the only thing i knew you were talking about was the time when he went to anger management.
"No more blow until you get nicer"...LOL

What was that about??

oooo.....kaaay..... Was pretty good.. Loved he girls:p But the tung kiss was grows... Liked when the old lady drives the car and he calls her b**ch... LOL

not bad but not good

ehhh not bad but not good it was in the middle and it was also refreshing to see a hot aisian prostitiue in a movie so good job with that also good job with the graphics and stuff but otherwise meh a little more than average

I didnt buy it..

I got the feeling that your "dicky attitude" is fake somehow i doubt your really a dick in real life... the asian chick was good, but your friends voice as well as the main characters struck me as annoying. The makeout scene was weird thos tongues looked pretty effin gross... Overall a decent flash i just didnt buy it. Good animation though.

Good job

Granted, Uni is just a sex object, but at least she's quite hot :) Good job overall, sound is decent, interesting how you changed the backgrounds in this one to bitmap tracing. But overall, nice series coming along.

that was funny.

that was some funny shit. liked the graphics. love the asian and ex gettin it on. good work.


Great introduction.

Bad everything else.

Find better voice actors, preferably ones that don't all sound like the bastard children of Ned Flanders and Theodore from Alvin and the chipmunks.

This might have been funny if the beats didn't seeminly drag on to the point of agony.

Also, the story is seemingly pointless. If you (fictional you) are supposedly finding peace through sex, then why would you subsequently refuse sex. Or were there actual plot points glossed over by the two weeks later gag. (so funny by the way, I really laughed when time elapsed like that, I double over thinking about it now. It's like 2 whole weeks, but it only took a frame, ha ha).

Yeah, you suck at life.

very nice animation

It was vey very funny and the graphics was excellent
good job.

Hahaha nice

There is just one thing i want to know..Did ricky get shot at the end?


i liked it...i was surprised to see a lot of skin for a teens cartoon lol

good job

Envy,..... pure,..... envy

wish I was that man ...... I sob .... I pat your head.......I hug U

I'm still waiting for the funny bit...

Hmm, the characters were well drawn and it had an okay idea behind it but...

I'm not religious but a close friend of mine is and I see no reason to mock his beliefs or anyone elses.

You put yourself forward as a highpitched, anti-christian, porn obsessed, sexist, 'goth' hater. Do you enjoy being a conformist sheep? Dont worry it was a rhentorical question you dont have to think. 'Ha ha, those other flash cartoons I saw said goths cut themselves all the time and try to commit suicide and stuff and im gunna be passive and just believe it, so if I put that in my flash, it will be funny and stuff!' ha ha ha... no. Firstly that's a steriotypical 'emo' thing to do, it has nothing to do with 'goths', and its not even true for them either. You obviously possess no chivalry or nobility, judging by your use of women as objects. My advice is stop Bitmap tracing, think of an original joke or two and try to be funny without being offessive. It is possible you know! Look at flashes like 'Decline of Video Gaming' They dont need to poke fun at people to be funny. You'll not change though.

Oh well, some people will agree with me and some people wont, that how life is.

Im going to go and cut myself with some razor blades... yeah. you can go f'k a few hookers and burn a bible now, bye bye.

<deleted> responds:

You need fucking help.

this was awesome

it was histarical who gives a fuck if it wasnt interactive :)
fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck.....weee ^_^

i know

that was sick insaine crazy

It's been nice.....

It's been a really really realy realy realy long time sence I saw a slut who had boobs that big, is a lesbian, and gives blow jobs: she can do it all.


Good animation... Nice sounds... Looked very proffessional.. The only thing that I really didn't like was how anti-religious it was...


I liked it nice series you got here, make more! Only thing I find annoying is I think the voices are poorly done and/or you choose bad actors but its still a good flash.


well I just watched episodes 1-3, and I have to say, kudos man! I gotta visit your site sometime and learn more about Ricky's mis-adventures!

very funny!

It was great. Nice on the funyness.


Alright, so first off I've got to say I don't not like this because I was offended by it - I was not offended by it at all. I just don't see why this deserves a portal award - I personally think that going for vulgar, cheap laughs is just lazy and I don't have much respect for it. I understand the fact that if you say the word "blowjob" that 13 year olds will giggle, and if you have tweened boobs kids will give it a high score. But I don't think you should rely on vulgarity, it's just cheap. If you really want to be respected as an artist, put more effort into the script and don't try so hard for the jokes.

The animation was also very poor, but quite a few of the drawings were good.

The sound seemed very well put together, although many of the voices were very annoying. But it was very well polished in terms of sound, thumbs up for that.

Also the tracing of bitmaps for backgrounds is just lazy and lame. Put some effort into backgrounds, you'll get a lot more respect.

Anyway this isn't meant to be a Ricky-bashing negative flamer review, I just want to tell you my honest opinion, and I hope you take what I said into consideration.

<deleted> responds:

What the fuck are you talking about? YOU ARE A KID!!! (16)


The idea was not fresh, not comedic, not entertaining. The majority of people think all hilarity and cleverness derives from sexual jokes and etc. You've succeeded in this job. I also found it offensive, but I assume that that is obviously the point and irrelevent to it's audience.


i dont know why ne 1 would get ofended of this guess cuz they go anal on this but i found it good =]

ok to idiot who got offended

you are a dumbass it was hardly offencive to any one you dumbass
so what if they made fun of goths and christians. no one cares i dont even think the goths and christians would care. you are a whore. get a sence of humor you bastard. unless you made that review as a joke then its alright but my the look of it you didnt.

Kinda funny, but very offensive...

Yeah, some jokes where funny, and the plot was good....but it did piss me off with the goth saying "Have any razzor blades?" and the "Oh wow, you gave me a whole new reason to kill myself". Typical....making fun of goths because they're different from you... And the christians, you pretty much insulted a third of mankind. But other from the insults, the jokes were kinda funny. "No blowjob till you do class" made my crack up. So just to say, you ned new material, need to dull down on blamming christians and goths, and put more content in.

<deleted> responds:

LOL You should read the comic you razzor cuttin' mope! :) I'm sorry, did I offend you?

Much like Cheetos left out for a day

Stale and Cheesy. See, this is how I see your thinking process "Blowjobs are little droplets of comedic genius from Apollo himself!" But I did like how you stood to your beliefs. You never once dropped your pro-cliche stance, no sir, you played every cliche stereotype all the way. And for that, I salute you, you hero among men.

Needs work

I like your artistic style, but you still have a lot to learn about the animating aspect of your cartoons. Also, it just wasn't funny. I'm not saying that just because you made fun of christianity (you either have huge balls, or you're a complete idiot, seeing how the majority of American's call themselves christian) The jokes just seemed stale, and didn't get a laugh out of me. Sorry.


That was very funny! :)

mildly funny

its good, not great. the only reason i gave it a ten was because it took the place of the gayest showdown (which sucked) and in comparison, this kicks ass. it was good, creative too, made me laugh, but i have seen a few better flashes.


i realy do recomend u watch this i dont normaky recomen these things but u realy should watch it its pretty dam awsome

Man that was awsome...

That was wickked.
Briliantly funny.

Good work ^_^


Great flash keep it up. Please make a nother episode for the following reasons. It has everything a nerd could possible want in a flash, such as a hot asian girl that all the hentai freaks will drool for. A lot of unessesary swearing and a lot of off starwars parodys.


totally super awesome. i love this. love the Family Guy style clips and all. great work, now go make more!

Dude that sucked.

That was really boring and it seemed more like he turned gay than christian when he wanted to talk about his feelings. (Not that I have anything against gay people.) Sorry but the story was lame and needs a lot more work.




not bad, the christian stuff lets this movie down and lets christians down not quite a crok of shit, but not brilliant either

Ricky n Jesus

Hah, this flash was really funny. Grapics and voices were great. The whole flah was really nice and I hope u will make more Ricky shows. Good jope. Keep up good work

Why isnt this a TV show ????

This should seriously be a TV show.. i'd watch it.. hell i've watched this episode like 7-8 times.. doesnt sound like much.. but when i normally only watch a flash movie maybe once.. its saying alot.

asian chicks are hot

well good movie man


lol this was so funny. I loved it. keep up the good work. The background did need a little more work. But other then that it was good.

Honest opinion.

Ok, well I've never had a problem with this series. But I most probably will grow to hate it if you continue to "Modify>Bitmap>Trace Bitmap" all your backgrounds, that's just freaking lazy. Plus it looks like utter cow shit. Please don't be a slack bastard, you can probably do better then that. No offence intended mate.

The spy scene is the best.

Good animation, and it was funny, the humour could have been better. But the scene where that one guy questions why he quit being a spy was hilarious.

Top stuff!

i loved it the graphics were good...sounds were good...good story line i want another one!!! i loved the whole boobs lol the way they moved! more!

lol! lezbos

kool w000000t!! more lezbos

That last guy is a jackass

I hope it gets raped in the ass by satan, feel his almighty power you christian bastard, hail satan


<deleted> responds:


Nowhere near as good as it could have been

This seemed like it should have been good. Indie cartoonist makes jump to flash? It was great when Jason Yungbluth did it, why not Ricky Ray? But this really just wasn't very good - okay animation, but the voices were AWFUL (get some actual actors, or at least different people) and the dialogue just wasn't particularly funny.

cool man

wow that was preety nice
im come back and watch it again some orther time

A message for pc doctor, and a review

This part is for pcdoctor, for the backgrounds and the comic strip he used the import function on flash, and then traced bitmap with few curves, giving it the oiley effect. Which i found interesting. However, it still felt kinda cheated, even though i know it's possible.
Anyways, i really enjoyed the episode, and it had some funny shit in it.
I loved the rest of the series, and this one was no suprise.
One mayor comment, on the first scene with Uni, she looked kinda butch?!? Those arms looked like it could give me the best handjobs ;)

OK, i'll await your next episode


Pretty interesting

I just learned abou this series. How do you get your artwork into flash? Paper/pencil/scanner/vector graphics package, Wacom or mouse?

what more can we ask for ?

nice style...
photoshopped backgrounds probably stole a few .1's from you.

newgrounds viewers are like bad film reviewers... they follow they're own crappy criteria and if it doesnt meet it they dont vote 5...

anway 5/5!

Kinda Funny

It's not bad, though the thing I found funniest is Ricky's resemblance to Gordon Freeman.

Pretty Good

I like it, I like your style, I like Uni...lol...


Hooboy, that was great! I love your work.

Anyway, since you have a girl, how does she feel about that? :S
Or she's not jelous of something drawed?..


Hey man, that was hilarous. and that guy who was babbling about penny arcade or some shit is an ass, and you showed him.

P.S. Do you really have a hot asian girlfriend who likes to give you blowjobs?

<deleted> responds:

No, I have a white one... but she dosn't have to read this if you know what I mean.

Not my sort of humor...

I don't care much for the humor in this. It seemed like the entire thing tried too hard and other parts (such as the wife undressing) were easy to see coming. Plus, a lot of the Christian jokes have been made hundreds of times before. Yes, we all know Christians' beliefs deny all reason and history.....ha..........ha............. Another thing: punchlines (like the time Ray was the Pope) were poorly delivered.

A personal pet peeve of mine was how annoying the guy's voice was. It didn't effect your score and I know why it sounded the way it did, but it just really got under my skin. Thought I'd just throw that out there for you to call me a bitch, lol.

Um, overall, the graphics were okay, but the tweeing was only par. I know, I know, not meant to have incredible graphics. Doesn't mean you should'nt try.

Overall your attempts were only sub-par, which ranks a 4/10 in my book. I don't hold anything against what you did, like some of these other psycho reviewers <_<, Jesus Christ.... but I just plain don't think it was funny.

<deleted> responds:

Sorry you didn't like the animation but thanks for giving a logical reason behind it.

Don't know...

Well, it looks like you tried to do more with this flash than the others, but I personally like the first 2 more. I thought that they were a little more funny. I hope to see the next one, and hope that you can work on some of the drawings... sorry, but the tongues from the lesbian makeout seen were pretty sad in my eyes.

I'm am pretty much disappointed...

I loved the first two episodes, found them to be quite funny and entertaining. But this, it is like you waited till the last minute and through something together, tryign to impress someone. The grafics got worse, the humor pretty much died, the animation wasn't that good, and it looked like you just drew basic pictures and moved them around a lot with tweens or something. I would expect more from an animation like yourself, looking your past animations. I really hope you get your shit together, and atleast TRY to make it look like you gave it some sorce of effort. Good luck man.

<deleted> responds:

...What the hell is wrong with you? Have you even seen the first two? THEY WERE 12 FRAMES PER SECOND YOU FOOL! ...and thanks for watching.


The quality of the other two episodes were a lot better than this. The grandmother's voice sounds so low quality.

The animation style at times was grating and the mission impossible scene and uni walking in the beginning looked horribly done.

Some scenes were horribly unfunny and just awkward. ZOMG lesbians! Ha ha ha ha. Please.. It's just very tired jokes and I felt bleh.

<deleted> responds:

You should read what I told the other guy. You look like you need the same bitch-out.

omg lol!

this is sooo funny, i loved it it had all of the elements required of a great flash in my book

That was freaking awsome

I like all that ass,boobies,and blowjobs there were awsome.Make another one with girl with ass like the ass you put on the biggining.

I feel like the only one who didn't like this...

Although you won't read this, care, or even bother to make any changes to anything I found this animation really really really crude and stupid. I'm up for the occasional sex joke, blowjob reference etc... but to have an entire character and third of the movie based on it, just really isn't funny. THe voice acting was medicore except for the girl and maybe it's because I don't read your comics but your sense of humour isn't funny.

Try to even things out with a little more tasteful and educated humour.
Sorry for sounding like a stuckup Newgrounds whiney reviewer.

you will burn in hell for making this

and ill see you there, totally fucking awsome

One word--AWESOME

Ri-Ri-Ricky Ray. Best new flash since ultimate showdown, ebaumsworld.
lol mission impossible ringtone lol

Funniest scene in a long time was that MI clip...

That made my day man, really... the mission impossible segment with the cell ringtone... funniest fucking thing I've seen in a long, long time... on or off newgrounds


long time i didnt gave a ten............nice work pal.......keep it up!!

p.s. that was so fucking funny........ ill keep you in my favorites......

Cool air fight.

To the other guy gust an 8 i give it a 10

Very very very very very veryx10 good!

I like :P


"I better get a blowjob out of this!" I have to honestly say I found this downright frikin hilarious! This was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Many many kudos to you. Thank you for bringing a laugh into my mostly gloomy day. If they had a higher score for humor you would so get it. This is going 3rd on my favorites list (and thats out of twelve other awesome flashes and is above the one that are on the fifty greatest of all time, thats not an easy accomlishment). I hope to see you in the top fifty of all time and more out of this series. 10/10 and 5/5


i liked it and you did a good job have a nice day

The whole series is just pure FUNNY!

Ive just finished what youve got on NG but its hilarious. Gotta get a pause/rewind and fast forward button though. All in all well done and keep brining in the laughs


That was an awesome animation, keep up the excellent work.

Good, I guess...

It wasn't really that funny, you did a great job on MAKING the flash, It looked proffesional. But The plot.... I've seen better in stick movies... Just work on the content, and you'll be fine


cool job dude!


I would have to say you've been going to the wrong churches if you think thats what is like. Your Group Leader was dressed like a Priest which would make him Catholic not Christian (and yes there is a flipping difference), and sure some of them use the scare tactics to get you to fear and come (which is totally wrong) but alot of them give time, money and other needs to show people can be helpful and caring. So before you put out a stereotype check your facts.

However I found a few spots to be very funny (such as when the dude was hanging down and his cellphone started playing Mission Impossible), also the graphics were pretty good as well.


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