Metroid Suicide part 2

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Samus is back and is still being chased by THE MISSILE. What does that space pirate and metroid have to do with anything?

A little FYI to viewers before viewing it: some of Samus's abilities and how I animate them may not perform the same way in the actual game. Remember, this is a parody of the game so without further ado, enjoy. ^_^


as good as the first part

i love these metroid suicides! they're really funny and well made. and i love the use of sounds from super metroid and sonic etc really good touch! great work!

still gr8

its really awsome make #4 soon


Man My Favorite Part Was With The Metroid Saying"Do You Have THE STUFF HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"Were Did You Get The Voice For The Metroid?

Sonicoblivion responds:

That voice was none other than my bro.
AKA: Protevax

Pretty good

Actually i reviewed the 3rd one before i reviewed this one but...oh well better late than never haha.

Graphics 8/10 -- Sprites ducts 2 marks, pretty good other wise.
Style 9/10 -- Space pirates helping samus lol, Never seen that before.
Sound 10/10 -- I really don't like elevator music ethier :P
Violence 5/10 -- Severe..Headache lol
Interactivity 3/10 -- Made me laugh i guess it counts
Humor 10/10 -- Pretty funny stuff :P "wtf did a space pirate just help me?"..."No, you must be going insane" haha...Spring ball on! *Ricochet sound* lol

Overall 9/10 -- The use of sprites usually never get a 10/10 with me but it deserves a worth 9 out of 10.

Comments: I never got to add this in my review about the 3rd one but you should add how the missle got there in the 4th one so that the story is complete. Like seeing the space pirates planning something. Whatever works.

Peace, Cabal2005

Sonicoblivion responds:

Wow, this is one of the best reviews i've read. Laid out perfectly. Thanks Cabal!


The animations were good, but the music still needs improvement, overall this is a good flash

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4.16 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2006
10:37 PM EST
Comedy - Parody