Metroid Suicide part 2

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Samus is back and is still being chased by THE MISSILE. What does that space pirate and metroid have to do with anything?

A little FYI to viewers before viewing it: some of Samus's abilities and how I animate them may not perform the same way in the actual game. Remember, this is a parody of the game so without further ado, enjoy. ^_^



so is the one bird thing a drug dealer or something?

lol. this was a bit better.

Sonicoblivion responds:

Drug dealer... lol.

When is part 3 done?

This was a great flash movie...
I don't understand how a missile can use an elevator though...
I want to see part 3!!!
(Also, sounds were rated as 6 because I have no sound on this PC, so I want to remain neutral on the matter...

Sonicoblivion responds:

Thanks for the review! That is understandable that you remain neutral on the sound thing, I respect that. Once you do get sound though, watch it again since I try to make the movie funny through the sounds. O and uh... you forgot to uh... close your parenthesis lol. O well its cool though. Thanks again.

i liked this one too

good job. i think it was a little bt too slow and defenitely not as much random crap as i would have liked, but it was good and ill wait for part 3. :-p keep up the good work. and the end credits were kinda funny too. lol.

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Sonicoblivion responds:

Thanks again. Part 3 should be worth the wait =P


that music in the lift was just fricking great! hahahahaha! anyway,finally a GOOD movie without custom sprites. But...whats a Suicide missile?

Sonicoblivion responds:

That would be a missile that... no, cant tell you, wait till part 3 =P


keep up the good work

Sonicoblivion responds:


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4.16 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2006
10:37 PM EST
Comedy - Parody