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Updated: 8/17/06 Fully updated sound. :3


TMP was delayed by a year, (allowing me to graduate high school) It was originally a comic, that was going into my old high school's newspaper, but they threatened to expel me if I posted it, because it 'showed them in a negative light'. (Both the animation and the comic, mind you.) So, now that I've graduated, I can post it. :D

It's basically about my high school experience and how it sucked. Everything that happened is true...expect the bazooka.

So enjoy, and leave comments, because it took me too damn long too make....

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If you like angst with your humor...

Though in all seriousness, I can identify with the feeling of the same day over and over until you just get sick of it all. That's how systems work. ...The sound timing being off absolutely wrecks the movie in parts (like the car) but on the whole, good! And a good point.

well...it was funny

but the fact that you ripped 70% of your jokes off other stuff really lets me down. It's one thing being inspired, buuut it's another thing directly quoting. You did this in Bitches Ain't Shit with the Waiting quote, and don't credit Waiting.

The women's rights, fingers thing, mickey mouse cartoon part, twin part, almost everything that was meant to be funny was almost a direct quote or copied from another show or movie. Just said, really. You're not bad at art, most of the animation was pretty good, could use some work, but the writing needs serious work. Originality is necessary...hardcore. Audio quality was pretty bad, and the voice acting was mostly ok, but when he yells, I don't like when you whisper it, volume is very important.

the thing that bugs me most is that you took so many jokes and didn't credit or even have an "inspired by" section :(

too right fuck lip syncing

the joke about womens rights was so below the belt
and all the other jokes were hilarious nice job
and great drawings

that was asome

man that's just great work there.

ha, awesome

fuck lip synching and fuck you, nice touch.

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Jan 21, 2006
2:50 AM EST
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