The History of Animation

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NOTE: the sound loses synch after a while, even with the streaming setting on. just right click, select play, then do it again to unpause the movie and make the sound synch right.

I'm back, with a movie bigger, longer, and more ambitious than before! Ok, I really had to do this for my Art History class, but I thought I'd spice it up a little and share it with you. You might like it, I tried to make it as funny as I could while keeping it short and informative. It's still almost 11 minutes long in total!
If you don't like educational stuff, stay away. If you find the history of animation to be a mystery to you, please watch. And if you like seeing a montage of cartoons, please stay.
Thanks to Big Army Bug for the narration.
Thanks to Illuminous Nerd for preloader help.

FYI: this took less than a week to make, but I waited this long to release it because I wanted to record all my own lines for Cyberen, add a menu and fix some things for the NG public.

The names have been censored or changed to protect the guilty.

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yupe you bring tears to my eyes

thanks for these art animation history lesson i will take this to the grave. you cover a lot of great topics. and with pictures this is how teaching shold be. i mean people learn better with pictures than with words right! i mean that's our like first language.

wow your not like that princess person she or he..

makes... well... not so good stuff but ur the true cyberen

This was intresting!

This was intresting and well directed. I think you have talent in storywriting and directing. Some parts were just brilliant, while other sucked... Those blinking comments sucked. Your voive didnt matched at the end. Intended.. nope i think you rushed it. But all in all very good.
Animations 7/10 (geez some parts just needed a few more frames/while others were just brilliant)
Voice 7/10 (Could be a bit better, but wasnt that bad)
Drawings 6/10 (You can draw, but it lacks a personal style. Perspective was wrong sometimes. Some other minor stuff. Your backrounds suck. All in all its too static...the lines are just not 100% fitting to your avatar)
Directed 10/10 (Your greatest talent)
Music 8/10 (fitted perfect most of the time)
Design 6/10 ( I dont like those bad Flash references like the blinking comments. Without them this would be an awesome documentary)


That was great! really interesting stuff. i love animation. nice one.

Informative and Entertaining

Very good

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3.88 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2006
11:27 PM EST
Comedy - Original