the Gunsmith

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Another game by exotworking!

Help the gunsmith to destroy the weapon factories.

Controls are explained in the game.

A game by the nose from exotworking.com.
Sponsored by gamegarage.co.uk.


great game...

i liked this but it tended to become boring and repetitive, if you make a second one, GIVE ME MORE STUFF TO DO!!! also (more)guns, upgrades, and (more)vehicles owuld do you well in your gamre, great work.

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damn thats funny

do more things like this, or i´ll kill you:)

Good game..

The doctor boss is murder to beat... here's what I'm doing, I shoot at him when he stops to shoot, and run when he's chasing me by jumping as well as running. But so far I haven't managed it... I make him run away twice, but third time no luck. Anyone succeed yet?

Could be better

Nice start for a game.
but the controls were unplayable completely, that I got very limited ammount of moves.
For example- I cannot shot or throw dynamyte when I jump.
The jump is way too short in timing. you should of made the dude jump up, then decelerate then start falling down. instead he jumps like he is on elevator .

The shooting range is ridicilous. I know you tried to make the shot range limited. But dude- that shot range is better for slingshot, or a bubble maker! :) (yeah you try to prevent the offscreen shooting)
you could make the bullet fly slower so we could see it fly, then land.

Grenade dude is kind of buggy too. the danger spot is only where bomb fall. but when it flyes it doesn't hurt you. instead make it possible to throw dynamyte when jumping so you ccan kill grenade dude.

Also make the levels have elevations, more platforms, not a conveyir belt.

But nice animations. Good start.

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For you noobs,

for a list of cheats press enter and then type........ cheat-list please

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Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2006
12:10 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun