Random Cheese Incidents

January 20, 2006 –
August 31, 2018
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Well, it's finally here: Random Cheese Incidents.
First of all, im very sorry for the large file size but there is a minigame to play while you wait :D
Second of all, thank you to PunkRockSaulie, Centaurus and -Feyth-, for all of their pieces coming in (if not on time)
This has taken a long, long time, and we hope that all of you enjoy what we have had 'fun' animating...


The randomness, the topic, just the thought of it made me laugh. Please make more!! The second movie was the best because everyone in it was all serious when the guy was made out of cheese!! Great job!!

That was so bad that it made me cry. Iam not exaggerating here, halfway through the second movie tears streamed from my eyes because of the poor quality of this collaboration and I couldnt watch the rest because I was crying.

Damn dudes, that was freaking AWESOME, cheese rocks, and u do too, I love all 4 of them =) but i must say, when the To be continued will be continued? cause i want some more Cheese...(I'm hungry....lmao) XD

this one rulez, the cheese will transform the earth!!!!

as a cheese expert i can easily say this had some of the best cheese in it. being a happy cheese guy i have no choice but to give this full 10s...

i loved this movie, my 10 belongs to this. no-one blame this or so help me ill go crazy! i love the randomness of this magic flash eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i gotta say, apart from the texture, it wasnt really about cheese in three of them. But that doesnt stop it from being an excellent flash!!

I loved the battle one with the lightsaber or whatever just because of the way the music was incorporated into it, ive been thinking about using evanescence myself.

I think you guys deserve a round of applause for creating a good flash, been waiting for one for weeks!! :)

p.s. im the cheese king!! :)

wow i find this flash animation absolutely incredicble. All 10s

This has to be the best flash I have seen in a while.

It isn't a bad movie, really, but the graphics need a little bit of improvement, compared to other pieces of Newgrounds work. But the guy who made he interview movie really knew what he was doing. Nice graphics there.

It gets a 6/10 (3/5). Which isn't bad. I liked it. But please boost the quality of the pictures, and you've got yourself a kick-ass collab. And maybe use some better jokes.

hey...i like cheese, i like flash, i like this

Well, most of it was pretty good. Elemental Nova was kind of on the long side,
and The Massacre was a little dumb, but this wasn't too bad at all. 3/5

it was good but you were a little lazy using 4 months on that


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3.40 / 5.00