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Smooth talk and manipulate your way to the top in this simulation-like anti-establishment game. Interact with your favorite Anime characters and gain their affections. It's like a dating sim without the dating but there is some "fan service". Thanks to Pink Floyd's music for an unlikely source of inspiration, and the Hurrell brother's dating sims. Mostly hand traced with original dialog plus many hidden "Easter Eggs". Total production time was 6 months.

It is totally possible to become CEO in 50 days, but you'll have to know who to suck up to and how best to spend your time. Winners get to see the three special end scenes plus bragging rights.

Cheat Names (on Resume page in place of SOMEONE name):
kissmequick = boss loves you
daDDycash = 20000 dollars to start
Ubermeister = 300 MAX HP
pinK floyD = jump to the end scenes


pretty cool

Wow that was awesome. I've played it like 20 times but i finnally won. It's easiest to try Rei, Sango, and ur boss F.Y.I. Oh ya and sango likes aftershave, ur boss likes click-clacks or what ever the bloody hell they're called. Use intelligence to earn money. My little bit of help but they're are many more ways to win than that.

funny as cr@p

this is hilarious i found a ton of easter eggs


although i lost it was still a great game,although i wish i could of saved

One of the best games on Newgrounds!! :D

I freaking loved this game. That's not to say I was very good at it, but after playing a few times and reading through some of the tips in the reviews, I managed to barely get it on the third try! But grag, I accidentally x-ed out of the screen before I got to watch the ending! Nnnnnnnoooooooooo!!!!

Oh well, I'm sure I'll play it again. :) The graphics are nice, the gameplay and strategy is fun. I love the characters! InuYasha is one of my all time favorite animes, and I'm happy that InuYasha himself is so easy to befriend. But why must I shell out such ridiculously high amounts of money to impress Sango? :p

Here's some tips for people having trouble (Warning: I try not to give away any spoilers, but if you want to brave the game without any help, then stop reading right now!) -

*InuYasha is easy to befriend, and nobody seems to hate him; when you talk to him a lot, other people don't tend to get mad at you. Also, InuYasha loves a certain snack at the Starmucks that's super cheap, and the more you buy it for him, the more he falls deeply, madly, ravenously in love with you. That'll make things a lot easier to get the promotion! :D

*Don't talk to the boss near the beginning. Everything you say to him, he's just going to hate you. Painfully like real life, isn't it? Don't try sweet talking the boss until you're already really good friends with several of your co-workers and have earned a respectable rank.

*Seducing the lovely Sango may be the sweet dream of many fanboys, but it'll cost you A LOT of money in this game. So, dream on. Misato is much easier to befriend, thanks to a certain infamous beverage. Suck up to her and be her little boy-toy, buying her stuff that she likes until you're really good friends with her. That way, it won't hurt you as much later on when you try kissing the ground your boss walks on; she gets mega ticked off over it!

*If you're looking for a specific person that doesn't have their own office (for example: InuYasha), go to a nuetral area like the break room or the copy room, next to it. If you don't find anyone or find some-else, ignore that person and click the little head in the bottom left corner. Then click out of it. This does not waste ANY time, but it will eventually make coworkers pop up in front of you. Keep ignoring the coworkers you don't want to talk to and repeat this trick until you finally find the one you're looking for. Then, do what you gotta do! Give the person a gift or chat with him/her or whatever.

*Finally, enjoy and be patient! You'll be CEO in no time! :D

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Good to find a Sim game on newgrounds NOT involving porn or is glitchy

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Jan 19, 2006
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